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09 October 2004 @ 04:58 am
Gleeeeeeeeee!! For yesterday:

5 good things about yesterday

1. Eeeee! Am at Lisa's! She and husband SO VERY COOL!!

2. Enterprise on COOLEST TV EVER.

3. RED SOX OMG ALCS BRING ON THE YANKEES (orthetwins) BABY. The one concern: if we want to beat the Yanks in the next round, does that mean we have to *root* for them now?

4. Ridiculous fandom gleeesqueee with lisayaeger.

5. Great sleep yay! Happy dreams!

3 things I did well:

1. SURVIVED the drive, yo. Holiday weekend traffic evil, 95 evil, I SURVIVED and ended up where I wanted to be without major incident or falling asleep in traffic. YAY :)

2. Er... packed stuff for trip.

3. With the exception of my very obvious short-term memory issues, was relatively un-mono-y seeming so far at Lisa's! YAY!!

LOVE to all! I will reply to stuff later...
feel: chipperchipper
w0lfstarw0lfstar on October 9th, 2004 05:38 pm (UTC)
if we want to beat the Yanks in the next round, does that mean we have to *root* for them now?

Of course we don't. We just have to accept that they will win this round. I mean, they only have to win 1 out of the next 2 games.

Enterprise on COOLEST TV EVER.

Dood (which the spell check wants me to change to either Dodo or Doom...excellent). Though I have to say, I'm not so sure on this 'temporal war' thing. But BRENT SPINER will be on in a couple of weeks, so they claim!!! Yay!
Little Red: janeway heaven & earth - kabutarmylittleredgirl on October 11th, 2004 01:56 am (UTC)
The temporal war thing was always a bit nuts. And the Suliban are back! I wonder what they have been doing with themselves all year.

Enterprise loves its time-traveling aliens, lemme tell you.

Brent Spiner! Heee! You cannot keep that man away from this franchise :)