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Life: alosersdream has been most birthday'd and it was FUN, wheee! I don't know if it's the warmer weather, the increased exercise, or what, but I feel like I am getting better again, and that's awesome. I'm starting to feel like I can handle things occasionally -- like I can take unexpected things in stride like I used to -- and it's still new and rocky but it gives me hooope.

And I might get to write a comprehensive training manual for my department at work! PRAISE BE TO GODS, omg. I have been wanting to do this for years and it will be something new and different to do! New job skills! Although this may speak volumes about my mental health, I can't think of anything more fun to do (for work) than get a whole ton of information that I know really well and figure out how to best organize it so that people can read it and understand it and LEARN it! And if it means I get to live without the cheat sheets we have now ("move your mouse up to the top right-hand corner of the window to close the window and then move your mouse to the left hand corner of the other window and open the button that says "pos" and then move your mouse and click with your mouse on the folder that says "reports" and then..."), so much the better. (cleverocity? I have started mentally referring to people as Starfish, and this is bad. If it ever slips out, I'll claim it's a Canadian term of endearment.)

Teevee: (adorable spelling courtesy of THE (other) BIRTHDAY GIRL, liminalliz)

Kobol's Last Gleaming II: OH MY! I never have any idea what's going on with this show, and I think I like it better that way. Catfights and cylons and coups, oh my! I think I alternated between "What the hell?" and "That's AWESOME!" throughout the episode. And the Very Ending Cliffhanger -- I laughed, because that was excellent, and then I was all "Oh no! BOOMERRRRR!!" I don't want them to kill that Boomer! I like that Boomer! And, well, Adama was shot, but it just goes to show that I'm not that invested in this show yet -- he's in my top three favorite characters and I'm kinda like "well, let's just see how this plays out, then."

Mebbe Roslin can use her superspeshul powerz ("She's an ORACLE!") to heal him now that she doesn't have anything better to do?

Also: I think I'm starting to like Number Six. And Baltar's winning me over as well. Although, let's just take a moment to think about Cylon logic here. They want to create a new generation of Cylon/human hybrids to put in cute white hallucinatory bassinettes, right? Okay. And they kept Helo alive for his Helo-sperm (heh). But did it really make sense for them to wipe out the entire human race? I mean, I got that email forward too about how, if every sperm were accounted for, one man could repopulate the planet in four tries, but it doesn't actually *work* that way. Perhaps they're chasing after the convoy in hopes of more studs.

Caprica!Boomer is really quite adorable. I'd like to see her whip out some of her cylon superpowers in front of Helo now, though, although it's understandable that she wants to appear as weak and human as possible to keep from getting killed dead and then having to break in a new body. I think I still feel sorry-er for Galactica!Boomer, whose life SUCKS, but Caprica!Boomer is earning a lot of my sympathy. Have I mentioned that I LOVE that there are multiple copies of my favorite character so that I can pair her off with more than one person? Well, I do.

Best part EVER: BILLY AND DEE!!! Oh, my, I think from now on I will totally watch the show for them. My hope lies with Billy and Dee and their humanity-saving babies. They are the lone two people on this show that I think could ever actually have any semblance of real happiness.

Bound: I don't care that my show is terrible, I LOVE THIS SHOW! It is fun and frolicky and ridiculous, and there were totally wonderful gratuitous shots of how Travis is INSANELY BUILT (his muscles are built on sexual frustration -- HAHAHA), and there was Trip and T'Pol CUTENESS, and the potential for TELEPATH SEX, and squeee!

For the topic of Baby's All Grown Up Now -- the main Orion girl? Was Tora Ziyal on DS9 when Ziyal was still a little girl. Like, in the pre-Garak days.

I wish Archer were less of a fabulous tool, though, I really do. WHY does he always have to fling himself around the bridge in a huff? Take some command lessons from Sisko and then get back to me.

The best part of this show was watching T'Pol be THE SANEST ONE ON THE SHIP for a total and complete change. It was beautiful!! Everyone else is all emoting crazily all over the place on the sexual equivalent of the bad space crack and she's all "er... I will go be logical over here, k?"

And the 'ship. OH MY. Is it ridiculous for me to want to start writing fanfic for them six episodes from the end? Except for all those snippets that will never see the light of day because I have been 'shipping them since Broken Bow? Because, DUDE. I love this. This is what I have wanted from them all along. T'Pol is non-crazy, and Vulcan, but realizes in a non-crazy Vulcan way that it's nice and better to have him around. She does the humanly emotional thing of pouncing him with her lips not because she's crazy, but because she's indulging him (and if she happens to like it, well, that's okay). And Trip has just... wow. I realized how much he has mellowed out since season 1, and I like it a lot. I just adored how sane all of their interactions were in this episode. LOVE IT LOVE IT WANT MORE RIGHT NOW!


Edit: Apparently today is the annual Let's Burn Down Lenox Dale Day, wherein everyone gets fire permits and lights their backyards on fire. I'm not sure if my mom got a permit yet, but depending on which neighbors begin their pyromania, I may have to go stand outside hosing down the propane tank. *rolls eyes* If I do not report back within a few days, check the news -- "Ill-Advised Small Town Tradition Ends In Tragedy -- Several Humans And Large Dogs harmed, Pickup Trucks Overturned."

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