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The ice storm has come and (mostly) gone. Yesterday was taken up with hauling wood, chopping kindling, preparing emergency jugs of water and otherwise battening down the hatches. Oh, and baking Christmas cookies and what was supposed to be fudge, and finishing up my mother's latest knitting project for her. I swear, it's like Little House in the Berkshire Hills over here.

Of course, there was also a considerable amount of bonding with my laptop writing a fanfic story by request (at this juncture, I cough into my hand a la keenween and say *dork!* to myself), because flovent kept me up all night, silly drug.

I have been presented with an intriguing proposition of sorts. In my absence, my parents have decided to spend the second half of February and the first half of March in St. Croix (St Croix!!). I say this casually, but really, it shocks the heck out of me that this is actually going to happen because, DUDE, it's a major event for my parents to rationalize the time and money it takes to go out to a restaurant for dinner. But, fed up with winter like the good expat Canadians they are, they indeed are flying South.

The offer that was made was that they would pay me what they would have to pay someone else to house-sit their house and board their, formerly my, dog, now that I'm not held to being in school for that period of time. This means $600 to do *nothing* beyond what my chores were in high school -- taking care of the dog, watering my mom's plants, and keeping the fire stoked so the pipes don't freeze. And being in the Berkshires. It was a request, not a demand, but it's something I have to think about.

The most obvious reason not to is the responsibility I have as social chair of the fraternity. I would still be able to throw the major semester party -- that's a few days before my parents are planning to jet out -- but I would be wanking out on the rest of rush. The other obvious downside is the potential for depression that being house-bound and alone in the Berkshire winter for a month might provoke.

The upside is that I'd save my dog from being kennelled, and a month might be good for me to finish my Incompletes (which will be done by then anyway. Silence, nay-sayers! They will! Yestheywill!) and work on The Great American Trashy Romance Novel without the distractions that an actual *life* presents.

Then, my mother said, "Hey, wait a minute, if Sachi's free for that month, why doesn't she just come with us and write her novel there?"

So these are my options: Remain in Pawtucket where I will be happily surrounded by friends, able to find a job, and not screw over and alienate my friends by abandoning them during Rush. Create a sort of writer's retreat in the Berkshires, and cowboy up to the responsibility I took on at 14 when I begged for a dog. Go to St. Croix (St. Croix!!!), sleep on a couch for a month, be WARM, and write an exotic, warm Trashy Romance Novel.

Eh, I feel like I've made enough Major Decisions in the past few weeks and I don't feel up to making this one just yet.

So, off to build a Western gingerbread town with my sister... this, my friends, is an Event of Great Import here amid my simple townie life.

-- Little Red, who wishes she hadn't left her magic 8 ball on the mantle in the Pawtucket House of Couch

p.s. Justin, I'm sending *tape Stargate! And also Jake on Wednesday!* vibes at you, and hope the ice storm does not interfere overmuch with you receiving the telepathic transmission.

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