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The Weekend In Revue

Am back from w0lfstar's!

The theme of the weekend was "very firsts!" and "omg the SEVENTIES!" and the word "marauding."

The most reportable under the topic of "firsts" we got our Very First Manicures EVER. And... now we never have to get them again! Wheee.

At one point, the radio reported the approach of "marauding thunderstorms" (malicious marauding, in fact).

Other things that marauded:

Enterprise! I think our collective reaction can be summed up in "an entire hour of shrieking!" Starting with "OH MY GOD FIRST CONTACT!" and ending with "OH MY GOD THE THOLIAN WEB!" Most importantly, though: NO THEME SONG!!

I also got my Archer/Hoshi fix (I can't help it -- it's my wrong bad whoa bad 'ship). And most importantly, my Hoshi fix in general -- EVIL HOSHI KICKS ASS. OMG. I want her to visit our universe in awesome crossover fashion and go around seducing everyone into a state of utter confusion.

And, to further the proof that I am shallow, slave!T'Pol is also a fun idea. I wish we'd heard a bit more about that. And knew what the heck war or rebellion thinggy they were attempting to put down.

It was kind of weird to have an AU episode that didn't have the external viewpoint of any of our characters looking upon the evilverse in horror. But oh, my, the coolness! I LOVE all the details lifted from old!Trek, too, including the belt daggers and the uniforms. CANNOT. WAIT. for next week!


OH MY. Sheryl and I were watching the miniseries and then decided we needed a break from the relentless angst and doom, and so tossed on the old Galactica. It is SO DELIGHTFUL. The similarities are excellent -- the ships look the same, vipers in the launch tubes (!!), the impressive similarities in inflection between the Adamas, and Colonel Tigh is so. freaking. awesome.

The new series is, of course, a much better show and much more realistic and much more... thought-through... but eee! It really shouldn't surprise you all that a show of tacky senseless joy pleases me endlessly.

Mostly: I am so in love with old-skool Apollo! *swoons* Of course, the 70s hair isn't really working for me... but I'll let it slide because he is just so awesome. He seems to be the most deep and human and real of all the old-skool characters, which may be part of THE LOVE. He's still the more cautious and sane of the Apollo and Starbuck Dynamic Duo, but he's just SOOOOO much less whiny. Old-skool Apollo and Starbuck just rock my world and are so much fun. Old-skool Boomer is also excellent.

My new best friend is totally SHEBA, though. I wish I had seen this show as a kid so I could've run around pretending to be her. (Er... I still might. Kind of. In my head.) It is so very sad that she and Cassiopeia didn't make it onto the new series! I mean, come on, Ron Moore! They could totally be random background pilots and med techs.

Apollo/Sheba is my new OTP, also. OMG. SQUEEEEEE. (Could this be because I want to be Sheba and want to do Apollo? Hmmm. Yes.) "The Hand of God" is by far the best episode of the eight we saw, and it has the shippiest scene ever, no really, EVER between those two. Yes, I realize this show has been over for twenty years. What's your point? (w0lfstar: "Sachi, I can so see you writing fanfic." me: "You mean, right now? In my head?" Sheryl: "YES." me: "... okay, you're totally right.")

We even found the Roslin character! (The Siress -- a member of the little convoy parliament -- for those who are wondering). And she even pisses off Tigh no end and goes to the officer's mess holding onto Adama's arm. ;)

The differences are interesting. Modern Galactica is much more... Earth-like. All the characters have American names, unlike in old-skool where the only characters with American names were guest stars from a cold-war-era planet that wasn't quite Earth. At least we gave up the centons -- I am all about the idea that people would have a metric system for keeping time, but I still can't tell the difference between minutes and hours and days and weeks and... well, I'm not sure they can, either. (I may, however, start saying "Now, just a micron!", because that's funny.) Also: everyone has motivations for things. And they don't take time out for random gambling. However: I could really go for a good game of Triad (read: full-contact space basketball!) next season. :)

I can't wait to see the rest of the episodes, some of which are taping right now and that I will be able to watch after work -- wheeee! It really is best to alternate this with the new series. They balance each other out so well. ;) For now, however, I will do what I can not to answer my supervisor's requests with some variation of "By your command, imperious leader!"

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