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non-skeery things about Wednesday

Happy birthday to elly427 and amilyn!! *loves you both*


Work yesterday *rocked* more than it has rocked in... well, a very long time! The head buyer adopted me as her creative assistant and we tore apart the store. All new windows, all new displays, all kinds of rearranged furniture. I even got to climb on things to move track lights and other fixtures. I think I may have been too quick to label myself as "not project-oriented" because it was just so. freaking. awesome to have something to show for my day. I got to be creative and use my brain and my hands and be useful and get compliments and work in a team. Wheee!

It also spared my house from my intense need to move furniture.

Which makes the timing of the following interesting:

Another position has opened up in my mom's department. She works on the phones making guest reservations while I currently work in the shop. Her department pays more than mine ($.50-1.50 more an hour, I think... is it sad that neither of us are making a living wage?). They have "better hours" (meaning that I would get off work at 6 instead of 9). Most importantly -- they are actually hiring for full-time people. Because the job isn't as physically demanding and I'm feeling so much better, I could pull off a 40-hour week, and my mom thinks it'll be possible for me to at least ask if they'll hire me for 32 hours in exchange for me working both Saturday and Sunday every week.

Of course, my current job is fun in a lot of ways. My boss told me I'm going to get a raise (still $1 less than the other gig, though), and that once I'm better she has me in line for better positions, but she won't give me benefits for a long time. So... yay for flattery, but boo for having no money.

The major downside I see is that this new job will have me sitting in front of a computer all day (and actually sitting there all day, because I am tied down by phone cord attached to my head). My current job, on the other hand, is all standing and running around up and down stairs. "So what?", says most of the working world. The computer-job thing is bad mostly because I spend a lot of non-work time on the computer as well, and I fear I will begin to glow in the dark. (And have to do grown-up things like go to the actual gym every day or *gasp* stop spending all my downtime on the computer.) Plus, I suspect I may go insane if I have to sit at an internet-capable computer all day and not check my email.

Arg. Applying for the Reservations gig would appease my brain by giving me new things to learn, and that's good. Staying in the shop wouldn't be that terrible, either, now that I've started actively begging for special projects. I know I'm being a brat, but I'm starting to feel frustrated with jobs that are fun but don't lead anywhere. Like I told my boss when she cornered me and asked about my career future, "I'm trying to figure out a way to balance my love of interacting with people with my love of making more than $8.50 for the rest of my life." /indecisive whininess

Of course, lisayaeger just hired me to do something way better, but alas, I think she was joking.


In other news: it's spring cleaning weekend. There is nothing more awesome than spring cleaning. Yes, it's a sickness.

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