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a very calm and collected post about the MIRROR UNIVERSE OMG


Words cannot express how much I love the mirror universe.

Okay, okay, all y'all who said it wasn't as good as last weeks, YOU ARE RIGHT, but only because NOTHING can compare to the awesomeness that was part I. But this had Phlox talking about EVIL SHAKESPEARE! And oh, most importantly, Evil Hoshi sleeping with absolutely everyone before KILLING. ARCHER.

I 'ship Hoshi with everyone because I can't decide who deserves Hoshi sex the most. So that is one reason why I LOVE THE ENTERPRISE MIRROR UNIVERSE.

She even taunts T'Pol about it, in the catfight scene. MWAH HA HA. And after all that? She ends up with TRAVIS! SQUEEE! And w0lfstar and I agree that Hoshi and Travis were totally together throughout all of this as she slept her way to the top, because otherwise it made no sense for her to randomly attach herself to his face.

The other reason is that I adore adore ADORE the Mirror Universe, period. The DS9 Mirror Universe Trilogy (that, er, is no longer a trilogy because they added two episodes that really weren't as awesome) is just the best. thing. ever. I even loved "Dark Mirror" -- the TNG mirror universe novel. While the oversexed and over-evil'd mirror universe is really just an excuse to have our characters sex each other in unlikely combinations (*whereas the Stargate mirror universes exist to kill our characters off), it has an awesome historical canon unto itself.

Intendant Kira: "Perhaps you'd recognize the name 'Kirk.'"
Major Kira: "I'm sorry, I don't."
Intendant Kira: "Interesting. On my side, Kirk is one the most famous names in our history."
(from "Crossover")

I just about died of squeee when Mirror T'Pol talked about the Terran's eventual comeuppance and yelled at my TV "YOU WILL BE ENSLAVED!" ... poor Vulcans, however, get enslaved by the Alliance right along with the Terrans, so their lot in life SUCKS in the Mirror Universe. (SOVAL was in this episode! I LOVE HIM!) It was actually kind of depressing to watch the aliens try and revolt when I knew that they couldn't succeed.

So this, plus several squeee-filled conversations with w0lfstar (OH MY, I love having a friend who understands -- and predicts -- my need to call and squeee after watching Evil Hoshi), resulted in the following thoughts:

1) A mirror universe marathon is necessary at some point in the future. "In a Mirror Darkly I + II", "Mirror, Mirror" from TNG, and the DS9 ones.

2) Mirror Hoshi needs to infiltrate our universe. Badly. We came to this conclusion after part I, and part II kinda threw us because she is now EMPRESS, but... we've recovered. She was rather fascinated with the alternate universe library and the information on their counterparts, so she probably wouldn't destroy it. And maybe she feels like conquering more than one reality (or feels like designing a swanky linguistic translator thingger is just WAY below a Sato in any universe, and must needs spare our Hoshi that fate). Or she just wants to sleep with Archer again, whichever. EITHER WAY, she must infiltrate our universe and wreak havoc. We haven't yet figured out how our characters would actually survive a run-in with Evil Empress Hoshi, but we'll have lots of time to think about it over the infinitely long hiatus. (For the record -- we're going to pretend that Hoshi is Mirror Hoshi for the remaining episodes and see how that works.)

3) Just how does our sweet, mild-mannered Hoshi get nurtured by evil into that? I had no trouble with it until she BECAME EMPRESS. I mean, I've had almost ten years now to contemplate how Kira becomes the Intendant and somehow managed to work that... but I'm a little thrown here. Everyone else, as Sheryl pointed out over the phone, is still the same -- Archer is still arrogant and self-righteous, T'Pol's still a bit of a crackwhore, Travis still has no lines and excellent biceps. But does this mean our Hoshi has an evil powerhungry streak in her that we just haven't seen? I like this idea.

4) This next thought is just a Bad Bad Idea, because it involves unraveling the canonical mess that is season 3, but I'm going to do it anyway: What about the Xindi and the spherebuilders? Is the mirror universe going to get eaten eventually by the expanse? Or... actually, you know what? It's better not to touch that mess.

Other things I discovered on the internet just now: Worf was cast in the original script of the first DS9 mirror universe ep. DUDE! And there's also a script site with DS9 scripts that may eat a bunch of my time in the near future.

Edit: And now we know that HOSHI GETS MARRIEEEEED! Shut up, I'm a girlie girl, this makes me happy. Let the 'shipfic of all varieties commence.

In short: People? Point me at the Evil Hoshi icons, please.

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