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Go West...

I am off to steal lifelongfling from her relatives in Pennsylvania, and then to watch the ENTERPRISE FINALE with w0lfstar. May end up online to share gleee or pain, may not.

In Tales From Little Red's Cracked Out Fever Dreams (mmmm... night fevers. And not of the ", Saturday" variety, either): I dreamed about liminalliz's "born in a bin" icon. Now, I have no idea who the kid in the icon is, or what the heck she's talking about, so I didn't dream about them so much as the icon itself. I think my fever dreams have declined in quality lately.

Also: I saw this icon in a post by speshulduck and freaked out because it matches the text in my layout, squeee, and went insane about how maybe she listened to Over the Rhine *too* and wasn't it SUCH A COINCIDENCE (because Hoshi! Linguist! Eee!), until rosewildeirish informed me that it is, in fact, a Robert Frost poem. I'm going to go feel uncultured over here now. Perhaps this is why I am dreaming about being born in a bin inside a 100x100 pixel box.

Road trip! Wheeee! :)

-- Little Red, who has metaphorical miles to go until she gets out the damned door...

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