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My gmail account has been found. Blast! As of yesterday, I am now receiving upwards 30 spam emails a day... in German. *eyes noradannan* Also in English, but all those are related to Germany.

"Dresden Bombing Is To Be Regretted Enormously!"

What? It is an email from the PAST! THE PAST wants me to buy Cialis! IN GERMAN!

The gmail spam filter is quite effective, and locks all of these away from my actual inbox into their own special chamber of horrors, but I still feel VIOLATED.

I'm having a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. (Well, the day itself was only marginally bad with the understaffedness, just my day was terrible because my mental gearshift has been set to bonkers.) I both want to talk about it and I don't -- I do because I want these scary thoughts and feelings out of my head and somewhere where I can stand them up to a reality check, but I don't because I don't feel like being accountable for them later. Or... even right now.


More likely, this will all just settle back to bearable once I'm not so overwhelmed. And, all in all, I handled it really well, so wheeee. I totally deserve a damned sticker.

... *misses sakuracorr*

*adores anr*

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