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I live!

I have reached solid ground again, wheeee! The cliffsnotes version of my trip is as follows:

Plane flights there: AIIIEEEEE! *panicpanicpanic* I switch airplanes in Cincinnati and resist the irrational urge to just stay in Cincinnati FOREVER, but it's a close call. Throwing up in front of strangers is not my idea of a good time. However, there is an inspirational something-something on Delta TV which dramatically changes the direction of my life, as it becomes Really Freaking Obvious, at least according to the random inspiring billionaire, that I should give up on this executive administration crap and just buckle down and be a [trashy novel] writer, already.

Day one: It rains like a bitch, and my sister's dress rehearsal (outdoor theatre) is cancelled. There is stress. Sketchy hotel is the Southern equivalent of an Econo-lodge, so I feel rather at home in my sketched-out-ness, but it is Too Sketchy for Gira's mother. Gira inquires whether there is such a thing as a no-star hotel. The answer is no, but we change to a nicer place anyway.

Day two: Opening Night! It's still VERY COLD, and I lament not having brought turtlenecks. We run around in search of a cauldron and something that can serve as MacBetty's decapitated head. There is Great Drama involving fire trucks and film students setting fire to another building, or something, which, for complicated reasons, means very few people come to this show. Much disappointment and rage. After the disappointment and rage, I discover that the new hotel has wonderfully hot water and an amazing bathtub. I also read part of the Enterprise novel Surak's Soul, which is awesome for a number of reasons, including: 1) Archer being a tool from his own perspective, 2) Hoshi and Porthos playing major roles, 3) T'Pol being VULCAN, omg, 4) the planet being called Kappa Xi.

Day three: It is finally gorgeous and warm! Sister's friend and friend-of-friend show up from Atlanta with a boxful of three-week-old bottle-fed kittens in tow. Kittens sound like parrots when they shriek and scare the *other* three cats in the apartment, but are quite cute. There is wandering about Savannah and tourism and fun conversation while watching big giant boats. During many hours of waiting for play to be set up a second time, I have awesome discussion with sister's mother about Life and Future and her business and my weaknesses and stuff, which gives me ideas and hope. The play itself is AWESOME SMASH SUCCESS to a full house. I am awed. Sister is happy. To keep from falling asleep amid the set-striking that began at midnight, I talk to w0lfstar on the phone who is inspirational and amusing, wheee.

Day four: Dramamine is OF THE GODS. OH MY. And it tastes like candy. I still hate to fly, but fear it with blinding panic less now that I know I can be medicated with something that blurs the edges of reality in such a nice, legal way. I then spent hours in the airport waiting for Mumsey to get off work and pick me up where I made lots of lists about the next New Life Plan and such. It involved a pie chart.

Redux: Sister was very, very glad I came. *I* was very, very glad I saw her awesome show. I love hotels and airports. I still dislike flying. Sibling jealousy circumstance has fueled me to want to do something with my life. I gave myself many stickers.

I've been called in to extra shifts at work this week. I'll work on answering emails and checking LJ when I get the chance, but it might take a while.

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