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Awwwwww!! *tackles idle_dreamer and nenya_kanadka with love*

Hard day at work with evil sickness of doom. I will never get anywhere in life if I can't even make it through the day in a simple freaking monkey-job, why would anyone even want me around when I am so lame-and-tired-and-therefore-kinda-bitchy, WHY can't I just figure out how to give absolutely everyone everything they want/need/deserve from me, etc. *rolls eyes* No, I don't really believe all that, I'm just a little burnt out and sick.

And then then then I come home and finally catch up on my f-list and idle_dreamer rocks my world and wrote REALLY NICE THINGS about meeeeee and declared a fanclub. And I'm actually sniffling over here with HOW SWEET you are, and I tackle you with mad love, and feel very wanted, squeeee. And it gives me amusing hope that people might actually PAY ME someday to write things!! (at least enough to cover my LJ expenses. Hee!) There is hope! I won't be in retail FOREVERRR!

And because I'm a dork, I'm going to possibly actually print that out for those frequent moments when I get stupid and am all "everybody wishes I would just SHUT UP!" Yay! *clings*

Laaaa, sorry I'm emoting all over your f-list. I will now put myself to bed. You rock my world. *is insanely touched at the thought, and sends kisses and potential fic at you both*

Oh, and that's so Point Number One on the joy sadhana. I'm too tired for the rest of it, but it includes nostalgia_lj writing posts about Enterprise, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind being an insanely awesome movie (with emphasis on insane), and me eating food.

p.s. sara? nenya? I'm sorry I stumbled across your sekrit surprise. but it was well worth it, because today is SO MUCH BETTER in such a good and necessary way. Plus, you did mention it in my LJ comments that I'm also catching up on, so I feel less bad.

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