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06 June 2005 @ 11:48 pm
Today was so much better than yesterday! I left work and actually had enough energy left to drive home, eat, and hold conversations, and it was aaaaawesome. This feeling of awesome not-dead-ness is sponsored by the fact that I spent about half my work-day off the shop floor: SITTING DOWN, and working on projects so I didn't have to deal with multiple customers at once.

I was so tired when I went in to work today, and after this, I still thought "Wow. I could do this more days a week." Maybe part of the reason my job is so tiring isn't just that it's a job, but that it's a job where I have to stand and run around all day. YAY. Great hope.

5 good things about today:


2. My father told me that he's planned out my entire life, and told me a story of my career and my family and how I will be happy and have money and it was excellent and beautiful. He thinks that people will think I'm excellent and pay me to do work that I love (actual work to-be-determined) and that my life will continue to be charmed and easy. I like story hour.

3. The raise-related gleee kicked in. Ever closer to SELF SUFFICIENCY, omg.

4. LJ. And all y'all for being so nice. And especially liminalliz, who is always a spam thread simply waiting to happen. *loves*

5. I'm really enjoying skirt weather. It's still a novelty that brings random gleee throughout the day.

3 things I did well:

1. Tackled RIDICULOUS mountain of mail-order stuff in bite-sized chunks and made a nice dent.

2. Went to work in the first place.

3. Yay nutrition!
feel: relievedrelieved
hear: "Lay Lady Lay" - Bob Dylan
Rose Wilde-Irish: Browder Geekrosewildeirish on June 7th, 2005 04:41 am (UTC)
Yay, good day! *happies & hugs*
Little Red: gleee! - nenyamylittleredgirl on June 7th, 2005 01:26 pm (UTC)
*delights and hugs back*
tarkheena lizzeeen: sgwun - 8 - EVILSliminalliz on June 7th, 2005 04:48 am (UTC)
*is pleased to perform in good form*

Little Red: ethermylittleredgirl on June 7th, 2005 04:53 am (UTC)

(er, okay, I almost squealed out loud at an internet lick. It's possible the lines of reality are blurring again.)

*lies in wait while sticking out tongue, therefore looking very strange*
tarkheena lizzeeen: liminalitiesliminalliz on June 7th, 2005 05:10 am (UTC)
BWAHAH! *uses awesome photoshop to gausian blur lines*

*hides cat&mouse-like*
Little Red: ethermylittleredgirl on June 7th, 2005 01:31 pm (UTC)
omg we are in blurry pinkandpurple little boxes! wheeeeee! :)

(aside: k, so I've hit one of my song-obsession moments and am now ALLLL obsessed with the old Bob Dylan song "Lay Lady Lay", and I'd like some credit for listening to it at least six times before going "huh" and looking up the lyrics and sticking it in a Sam/Jack folder. Because being a DELAYED geek is somehow so much better than... okay, it really isn't.)

*uploads it for you in case you have not heard it*

(k... I think I might have liked it better *before* I made the S/J connection. That's weird.)
tarkheena lizzeeen: sgwun - sj - transends textliminalliz on June 7th, 2005 02:29 pm (UTC)
HAHA! We are teh pretties!

I do love that song, yes! *squees*

*pets you and your sj-ness*
w0lfstar: baby deer love ya by proverbw0lfstar on June 7th, 2005 04:53 am (UTC)
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Yay for YOOOOOOU! Maybe you can, like, potition for a chair whenever possible when you are working?

While I have still never met your parents, I continue to say that they are awesome and deserve much praise!

*envies your skirt weather* It's too cold here for skirts! And I want to wear all my pretty sun dresses! Oh well, I'm sure by the middle of July I'll be all 'it's to hoooooooooooooot!'
Little Red: sga - cute when sick - duckadorkmylittleredgirl on June 7th, 2005 01:33 pm (UTC)
Errrrr... well, I suppose I could make a fuss about it, and maaaaybe they'd let me. In the past you've had to have freaking M.S. to get a chair. I'm not sure how much better it would be, though. I think part of it is just the overstimulation of dealing with so many different things at once... *thinks*

My parents are indeed awesome. Gleeee! They like me! :)

Dude, your weather is weird! It was 100 last week, you said! Ooo, this reminds me to go switch my laundry.
w0lfstar: owl cute by proverbw0lfstar on June 8th, 2005 10:33 pm (UTC)
Huh...well, um good thought?

Yay for parent-y liking!

The weather here really is weird! And makes no sense! Silly weather being all shifty on me!
Melyanna: Elizabeth (linguist)melyanna on June 7th, 2005 05:09 am (UTC)
Well, glad my LJ can provide a venue for amusement. ;)
Little Red: trek - enterprise porn - liminallizmylittleredgirl on June 7th, 2005 01:45 pm (UTC)
Always! Yes, thanks for that, by the way. :)
Just a springing future interestkatcorvi on June 7th, 2005 10:46 am (UTC)
Yay for such a great day! So glad to hear that.

Your father's really neat.
Little Red: gleee! - nenyamylittleredgirl on June 7th, 2005 01:45 pm (UTC)
HE IS!! And somehow thinks I'm awesome and competent despite the fact that I'm like two weeks late on a project for his business. *goes does that now*
Lisa Yaegerlisayaeger on June 7th, 2005 10:48 am (UTC)
I'm wearing a skirt today :-)
Little Red: gleee! - nenyamylittleredgirl on June 7th, 2005 01:46 pm (UTC)
Skirts are good things!!! *twirls*
dark_faith366dark_faith366 on June 7th, 2005 12:05 pm (UTC)

I'am happy to know you feel better

*sends lot of hugs and kisses*
Little Red: sga - love of a hero - lizmylittleredgirl on June 7th, 2005 01:47 pm (UTC)
Thanks!! Mmmm, Sparky icons always make me feel better. :)
Roxy: chopper happychichiri on June 7th, 2005 12:23 pm (UTC)
I really like how you do your 'glee' thing with good things that happen to you! It helps keep you positive, doesn't it? :D
Little Red: gleee! - nenyamylittleredgirl on June 7th, 2005 01:48 pm (UTC)
It really does!! It's so necessary for my brain. :) I like ending the day on a good note. And, er, with a numbered lists. Because numbered lists are awesome.
Roxychichiri on June 8th, 2005 01:28 pm (UTC)
Numbered lists ARE awesome. XD I'm in the mood for a good creative survey. know if any?
you're thinking of mr wizard: SLJG OTP!!cleverocity on June 7th, 2005 12:53 pm (UTC)
He thinks that people will think I'm excellent

Well, yeah. You are excellent.
Little Red: trek - naomi wildman - jen717mylittleredgirl on June 7th, 2005 01:48 pm (UTC)
*loves you madly for being so niiiiiice!*
if i could, i'd punch you into paralysis!: C.J. Contemplative (o_tempora)grenadine on June 7th, 2005 06:27 pm (UTC)
Yay for hope! Hope is good!
One Whose Honesty is Stronger Than Her Fear: companionamilyn on June 7th, 2005 11:23 pm (UTC)
Yay! I'm SO excited for you! Whoot! Happy! Yay!