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Today was so much better than yesterday! I left work and actually had enough energy left to drive home, eat, and hold conversations, and it was aaaaawesome. This feeling of awesome not-dead-ness is sponsored by the fact that I spent about half my work-day off the shop floor: SITTING DOWN, and working on projects so I didn't have to deal with multiple customers at once.

I was so tired when I went in to work today, and after this, I still thought "Wow. I could do this more days a week." Maybe part of the reason my job is so tiring isn't just that it's a job, but that it's a job where I have to stand and run around all day. YAY. Great hope.

5 good things about today:


2. My father told me that he's planned out my entire life, and told me a story of my career and my family and how I will be happy and have money and it was excellent and beautiful. He thinks that people will think I'm excellent and pay me to do work that I love (actual work to-be-determined) and that my life will continue to be charmed and easy. I like story hour.

3. The raise-related gleee kicked in. Ever closer to SELF SUFFICIENCY, omg.

4. LJ. And all y'all for being so nice. And especially liminalliz, who is always a spam thread simply waiting to happen. *loves*

5. I'm really enjoying skirt weather. It's still a novelty that brings random gleee throughout the day.

3 things I did well:

1. Tackled RIDICULOUS mountain of mail-order stuff in bite-sized chunks and made a nice dent.

2. Went to work in the first place.

3. Yay nutrition!

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