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Pardon me. Need to whine.

So. Tired. Want. To. Die.

Whine, whine, whine.

Okay. Now that that's done, I think I can go to work now. ;)

We'll just assume that my being there with half a brain is somehow better than my calling in sick and not being there at all, leaving them understaffed instead of just... underbrained. My perfectionism disagrees. (Also, the part of me that keeps gagging whenever I try to eat anything. Hate that *that* symptom's come back, oh yes.) The objections have been noted. *plasters on a grin*

In fandom news, I finally saw Battlestar Galactica's "Six Degrees of Separation." Six and Baltar are so my new favorite characters, which is excellent, considering how much I wanted them both to just get written out of the series. In fact, this might be my new favorite episode. In other pressing Battlestar Galactica thoughts -- how did Apollo become SO MUCH MORE of a freaking girl than Starbuck when they actually gave Starbuck the girl parts?

Also, "Before I Sleep" is still excellent, and has reinspired me to sit down with my Whacked-Out-Time-Travel-Fic. Must make time for that.

Edit: *facepalm* It would help if I left the house wearing a shirt. This does not bode well. (Nor does the fact that it's my longsleeved uniform top when we have people come in about every hour and go "I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW HOT AND HUMID IT IS! AND I'M FROM FLORIDA!" -- for the record, I can't believe it's *actually* worse than Florida. I just can't. It's just that nothing's air conditioned around here.)

Edit 2: Bwahahahahaha. Aaaaand, now I'm closing by myself (note: this never happens, as is not really humanly possible), somehow, due to an apparently massive scheduling oversight. Oh well, no one here to see me screw up, right? *still amused, though I'm sure the horror will set in later* Horror overturned. Scheduling screwup a typo. I get to remain amused.

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