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OMG! In the three years since I last looked at the Harlequin submission requirements, they have totally turned around! Now they're all "NOOOO, formula BAD!" and encouraging things like slutty characters and twisted "modern" sex stories and SUPERSPIES WHO HAVE SEX WHILE SAVING THE WORLD, OMG.

(No mention of other planets, alas. I think Harlequin is still ix-nay on the ience-fiction-say.)

I could dust off and write my old "School for Scandal" story that I shelved because *gasp* for a while the protagonist's in love with a dude who's Bad News and who's also sleeping with her roommate! (before, you know, protagonist finds her Real True Love in the dude's best friend/cousin/something. Of course.) (This by me is very exciting. Shush. It came from the Amanda's Wedding era of Little Red's writing style and, er, life where everyone was sleeping with everyone and there was much confusion and amusing sarcastic smuttiness before the happy ending.)

I could write a trashy romance spy novel!!!! SPIES! (Sadly, they must be modern day spies, as there doesn't seem to be a line for cold-war era romance. DAMMIT! I'll have to look more closely.)

K, I'm excited now.

Of course, I'm also feeling the temptation to put on the brakes a bit. "I should just take months and months first to read spy novels and romance novels and then I can come up with a perfect plot!" *fear* But that's unnecessary. My tendency is to want to have allll my ducks in a row (yes, that's my favorite saying lately) and prepared for all contingencies before taking any steps toward anything, but that very often means that nothing changes and nothing gets done. Perhaps a deadline that's unreasonable for Absolute Utter Perfection is the way to go here. Possibly I should rip out the brakes all together. *eeps*

(I'm also feeling the desire to put myself down for seeing this as a "big deal" because it's only trashy popular fiction. Dear Brain: I know that. It's still a big deal for me, and I'm going to damned well be psyched about it.)

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Aaaaaaaaaand, some very bad news that just came in the mail: one of my big scholarships for returning to school has been revoked because I was sick for a semester too long. Damn. :( *has angst*

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