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*falls at the feet of Google and weeps with joy*

I am not the only one in this history of the universe to ship Talia/Garibaldi! There even exists a fanfic!!! I AM NOT ALONE!!!11!

And lyssie made me an icon!

Talia/Garibaldi is my ridiculous, ridiculous Babylon 5 OTP. I seriously don't understand why I'm so alone on this, because it's SO OBVIOUS AND GREAT. I swoon whenever I see them on-screen together and have done since I was thirteen. My mother does, too, which means the insanity is genetic.

I am resisting the desire to drive up to Best Buy immediately and buy Season 2 of B5, because my parents bought me something for my birthday off the internet and I've been given strict instructions to Not Buy Anything, just in case.

It's burning a delightful hole in my mind, as this pairing does every year or so. I will now watch Season 1 and drag out my old TERRIBLE fanfic from when I was thirteen and first obsessed, and somehow resist the urge to rewrite my awful B5 novel again. (It went through at least three embarrassing incarnations when I was in high school, at times including both a Mary Sue and the lyrics to an *nsync song. I'm still not nearly ashamed enough of it.)

*flails with overwhelming 'shippy joy*

ETA: ... so, I just opened my B5 fanfic folder. It appears I wrote a Sheridan/Weir fic. I don't remember this at all. Did I post this? Did one of you challenge me to do this? No, seriously, WHAT?

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