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For the first time in my life admittedly spotty memory, I think I might go clothes shopping by myself! Without a second opinion!

The fact that I feel the desire to post to the internet for advice on whether or not to do this tells me I am actually still quite far from conquering codependency. ;)

My father wisely tells me to just WAIT a few weeks until I can grab a sister on her day off and haul her up there with me, but I finished my first sticker-sheet-of-reward-goodness and leyenn enabled me to trade that in for B5 season 2, and impatience is strong in me. Even though, after shopping, I might not have time to watch it before going to Providence tomorrow -- which is why *getting* it today was so important. Hmm.


In novel news, my old "School for Scandal" story is at the top of my list of potential plots. I stopped writing after the second chapter yeeears ago because of plot and pacing problems (that now I'd have the time to work out!) and, er, more because I got involved in a love triangle of my own and got teh evil mono of doom, but I still really love the characters and want to play with them more. pellucid, can I pick your brain about grad student things in Montreal? (Since this isn't NaNo, I don't feel like I'm cheating to use something that's already started, especially since I'll have to rewrite the whole thing anyway.)

Also... did people still want a creative deadline support community? I finally thought of something that's fifteen LJ-permitted letters long -- novelbynovember -- but since that's my project and both "novel" and "november" are negotiable for everyone else, that's probably a bad title. ;) If any of you still want to do it, suggest things please.


so, anyone want to be my phone buddy while I go shopping today?

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