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public service announcement

So... it's come to my attention that I went though another phase of writing random semi-coherent things to people in my oh-so-endearing fever-state last night. Thinking I was brilliant, too. Rock on.

So yeah. If I emailed or otherwise wrote you about anything last night, disregard. :)

As you were.

In other news... I feel like ass. And not in the "I'd really like to get some" kind of way, either.

On the gleeeful upside, because I'm going to always remember to post those now to water down the whining, I watched/napped through more of my season 1 B5 DVDs this morning. "The Parliament of Dreams" and "Mind War." Catherine Sakai! And telepaths! I love telepaths. I was such a little Sinclair/Sakai shipper that first season before Sinclair left and she never showed up again and I was left with a "whu? but he just proposed!" feeling. But after reading Dreaming in the City of Sorrows last year, I can now ship them again with abandon because, heee, they ended up together 1000 years in the past and it's even in canon! Love it when that happens. I had a few strange thoughts, though (the fever isn't gone yet, so I should probably stop typing, but wheeee I won't) -- like how Sinclair and Catherine are Delenn's *ancestors* and how I'm curious about whether if Sinclair was originally supposed to be there for the whole series and not Sheridan (still don't know whether that was planned in advance or not), whether Catherine would have been the one to "disappear" at Z'ha'dum and become all evilly shadow-possessed. That would have sucked.

Yeah... idle_dreamer... you asked for copies of the cracked-out emails, but just look at the above paragraph and you'll get the idea.

Oh, and it's snowing. A lot.

-- Little Red, actively raising idiocy to an art form

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