Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

randomness is an important part of this complete breakfast

1. Gas is 2.44!? Since YESTERDAY!? I... but... the Fourth of July is over! I suppose my car will now be my symbol of independence sitting in my driveway.

2. Eeee! Trashy romance novel! My parents, in what may or may not have been a fit of mocking the formulaicness of the romance novel genre, helped me create the last remaining main character! EEE! Mwah ha ha. A few things are still missing, but as this was day 1 of working on this project (and day 1 of the whole month set aside for plotting and research and things), I feel ahead of the game.

3. I wrote a Sheppard/Teyla drabble, because that pairing was creeping into all my other fanfics. In writing it, it occurred to me that there probably really is no real fanbase for dysfunctional Shep/Teyla. I think I'd be much more inclined to write that pairing if that was the way the fandom was -- there's so much potential for it. That, and my soul is owned by Sheppard/Weir.

4. I am reintroducing this aj icon for SEASON TWO. Y'all remember the first few weeks of Sparky when we were all "Imaginary SEASON TWO!" wherein Sheppard and Weir (for they were both much less serious then) would have lots of casual sex and be bestfriendsforever? Good times. So:

is this icon...

funnier now?
funnier then?
omgwtf! I feel spoiled!
I don't get it.
excuse me, I must now spread an internet rumor that there will be sex in season two.
omg! a poll!!1!

say something in the text-y box! anything!

edit: the problem with a text-y box is that I cannot comment-spam you in return!

5. Someone tell me whether I should watch the behind-the-scenes thingger that I'm taping right now, please? (As in, is it worth the spoilers to see it rightnowrightnow or should I wait?)

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