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Dear Everyone:

If you feel you are lacking attractive shirtless men in your day and/or feel insufficiently psyched up for the changes in the Atlantis cast, go witness trelkez's photo essay of brilliance.

(unfriendly to dial-up -- though perhaps worth it -- and also unfriendly to... nuns? straight men? no 'lantis pictures, the vaguest of Sachi-safe spoilers regarding a new character)


Little Red, who fears this will be the first of many spam-like posts you will be forced to suffer today.

p.s. other things to psych you up, though less with the shirtlessness: mspooh makes insanely squeeeful Storm/Eye Sparky vid, aj writes highly entertaining 'lantis fic and brilliant, brilliant Lizzie-fic (the latter with Seige I spoilers and vague season 2 spoilers, but of the kind where even the most ardently spoiler-free *raises hand* has already absorbed this information by osmosis).

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