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I finally saw it! I caught most of tonight's rerun. It's fun! I can see why everyone likes it so much! I'd totally be game to watch another few episodes right now, and that's a sign of quality entertaining teevee. Because I wouldn't have watched it if it weren't for all of you on the friends-list telling me of its magical awesomeness, I will now babble at you about it. *evil cackling* Character thoughts and stuff behind the cut in case of spoilers.

House? Is very endearing for a curmudgeon, and actually a lot less mean than I was led to expect. I see why meg_tdj wants to marry him. I had the worried feeling throughout this whole episode that he was trying to Teach People A Lesson, And By People I Probably Mean Cameron But Maybe Also Those Other Guys, and then mspooh assured me that House is too selfish to actually try to teach lessons to people, and that made me feel better. Yay! I like him already!

As far as the Three Houseketeers go:

1) I want to have Foreman's babies. A lot. OMG. They would be pretty babies, and we would have fun making them.

2) CHASE NEEDS TO DIE. I hate hate hate him, and it's rare I have such a violent reaction to a character on TV behaving like an ass, but there it is. He's not a funny jerk like McKay or an endearing jerk like House, he's just a JERK. (Or, at least, was in this episode.) I have to decide whether this otherwise fun yay show is worth having to put up with him *irrational hatred*. Though he did score points for mocking Cameron for "weighing 90 pounds because it makes you healthy" right as I was thinking that, errr, I think when people go "skinny actresses on teevee give teen girls eating disorders!" they are talking about her.

3) Cameron! Was... there! She didn't seem to serve much of a purpose except be sympathetic at most people and childish at House, so I reserve judgment either way (well, I guess that is a purpose in and of itself, so, okay! Besides, what more should I expect from a woman? Oh, relax, relax, kidding. I'm sure the show doesn't always degrade her just for being female. ... right?). I don't really like her or dislike her. I hope she gets to be really smart in other episodes, because in this one, she kind of just stomped around a lot and informed House (and me) that there was great UST between them. (One person's UST is another person's sexual harrassment...?) House was all "... what scripts are you reading, woman?", which was pretty funny, but liminalliz was alllllll about this pairing, and I trust mah sinful livejournal girlfriend, so I believe her that the love is there! I'll have to see the beginning of the relationship arc at some point. Cameron gets arbitrary points for making a masturbation joke at House.

Aaaand... Wilson? I'm not quite sure what his job is. I think it has something to do with surgery, given when he showed up in the episode. He seems very nice. That's... um... all I have to say about him so far.

I somehow suspected I would Really Like Cuddy, but she wasn't in this episode much.

This episode was kind of weird, Medical Mystery-wise. It seemed like they didn't spend much time investigating the mystery, only Chase was all "FAT PEOPLE ARE LAZY AND EVIL!" and Cameron was all "Stop picking on me! *stomps foot*" and Foreman was all "I will brood over here quietly" and House was all threatening to fire people (quite reasonably since no one seemed to really be doing their jobs). And the principal from Boston Public was hanging around being all shifty. And Chase didn't get fired, DAMMIT! However! I had a lot of fun, and will probably tune back in if I remember, so yay! And will pay more attention to who is getting paired off with whom in all the fics my f-list is writing, now that I know what everyone looks like. More yay!

In other news of awesomeness, if you're not reading the atlanteans comics, you should be! And qwirky made me an icon of it, because I heart in-jokes. Wheee!

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