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very quick thoughts. okay, just regular-sized thoughts.

No, really. Very quick. Promise! ... Dammit. I do try.

Firefly: Fun! Yay. I was more entertained by this one than the two-hour pilot, but was glad I saw the other one first. I'm warming up to the captain, but have to warm more before I'm totally sold. Kaylee is less annoying than she was in the pilot

SG-1: I like Daniel again!! It is, okay, vaguely annoying that the season continues to ride the one-trick pony named "Vala Is A Lot Of Trouble," but it's FUN and I'm enjoying it. Yay! Most of the episodes this season haven't held up quite as well in the second viewing, but the first one was a total blast. :) Also, I maintain that Dr. Lam is Landry's ex-wife for about a billion reasons, but mostly because I feel like it, YAY. besyd agrees with me that the spoilers are just WRONG, so there.

Tammy: "I'm really getting the ex-wife vibe here."
Me: "ME TOO!!!"
Tammy: "Maybe they're just waiting to see how it plays out on-screen before they decide?"
Me: "... okay, that's a disturbing thought."

Atlantis: Aaaaaaaaaaaa!! Once I got over my initial desire to bury my head in the couch and shriek, this was, er... FUN! (my word of the day, it seems) And OMG. TEYLA/RONON IS PORN IN SPACE. OMG. GOD. *cannot... think... over... porn* And so much Sparky joy!! Eeeee! LOVE LOVE LOVE the way their relationship keeps developing (I mean friendly professional relationship! I do!), and how they have adopted the Sam/Jack Proximity Battery system of being as physically close to each other as possible most of the time. And everybody is so damned cute, and all kinds of pairings got their moment of GLORY, and it was joy. Occasionally mortifying joy, but the Poor Man's Kate Hudson is still love.

BSG: NO FUN AT ALL. Okay, I lied. Tyrol/Boomer was my first OTP for this series, loved it from the miniseries, and it's part of why I tuned back in for the series proper. LOVE the scenes between them SO fucking hardcore, and they got a wonderful sendoff, I guess, but that doesn't take away the fact that THEY KILLED MY FAVORITE CHARACTER, DAMMIT. And Cally did it! I've never liked her, really. I mean, never really *disliked* her, but the rest of the internet looooooooooooves her, and I just kinda think of her as being there. NOW I have a reason to hate her. So, HATE. HATE HATE HATE. NOOO BOOMER NOOOOOO!! BRING BACK BOOMER NOW, KTHANX. They can fix her! And experiment on her! GAH. I might have to watch "Water" or something this weekend and rage about the unfairness of it all. If anyone finds Tyrol/Boomer fic anywhere, send it my way? (Oh, man, if THIS sucks me into the fandom, I WILL HATE IT ALL THE MORE.)

Well, unless Cally's a Cylon who eliminated Boomer before she could be experimented on and stuff. That would be okay, I guess. EXCEPT THAT SHE IS STILL DEAD AND TYROL WILL HAVE LESS ANGST AND LOVE AND STUFF.

On the upside: PYRAMID! From old-skool Galactica! And old-skool Apollo IN LEATHER!

On the weird side: Tyrol still looks just. like. my ex-boyfriend.

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