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mspooh and I have created, for your snarking pleasure, an LJ community for our Atlantis recaps: zeropointsnark.

Aaaaand, to start it off, Pooh has written a brilliantly snarky treatment of the latest 'lantis episode "Duet".

Go! Enjoy! Try to figure out why the polls don't quite seem to be working! Spam her with random commentary!

All of our previous recaps are archived at zeropointsnark as well.


mspooh has cruelly reminded me that I swore that I would go offline after the recap was posted for the rest of the week. *DTs* As I didn't swear off human contact or anything like that -- just teh intarweb and the teevee (with the exception of Family Movie Nights, as that counts as human contact) -- y'all can phone me if anything sufficiently random occurs and/or there is emergency-ness.

*takes deep breath and cuts the cord* Back on Friday!

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