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Sex and the SGC

Operation Maternal Stargate Addiction, Part the Second: "Hathor."

Oh, yeah, she's hooked. In the place of Deep Space Nine the other night, she was all, "Or we could watch another Stargate." She even mentioned starting from the pilot at some point, although we decided to wait on that since it's long and we are women of very little brain after she has a hard day at work and I have a hard day sitting around sucking vitamins and falling asleep in interesting places around the house.

So, to all you people who reccomended that I screen "Absolute Power" next -- you do realize exactly how much backstory is in that one, for an uninitiated viewer, right? I mean, I'm not denying the hotness and the pants, but I think we're saving that for master classes.

So. "Hathor." Always a crowd-pleaser. And useful for Lesson Two: Jaffa, and the squirming larval goldfish of doom.

Maternal opinions on "Hathor" included the exclamation of "Oh, so *that's* why you like her!" when Janet sticks her tongue down the throat of a random airman for the greater good of the planet (should I worry my mother knows too much about my social behaviour?), and the decision that Sam Carter no longer looks like Talia Winters after all, but like Georgia from Ally McBeal, presumably after she cut her hair. I'll keep you posted on updates on our Sam Carter Lookalike Pageant as they appear. And on the show being filmed in Vancouver: "Canada rocks."

Last night we watched DS9 again, but that was well worth it because it was "To the Death" (they blew off a freaking pylon!!) and it somehow resulted in some mumsey-singing of an impromptu Star-Trek-i-fied version of "Onward Christian Soldiers" as the Jaffa Jem'Hadar (yikes! fandoms making salad in brain!) are preparing for battle all "I am Jem'Hadar, and I am dead, Victory is Life, etc." Literally, the funniest thing I've seen all week. I really miss my friends, and independence, and chocolate, but this is a lot less sucky than it could be.

-- Little Red, with the cross of Sis-ko going on before.

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