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Fanfic Recs: Kink Week Edition

Last night I was going to write a "my brain tastes like BORING with a side of ANGST!" post to prove I am Still Alive, but instead, I thought I would provide you with some critical links.

The Jealousy Kink Fic. Hi, friends-list. I have just remembered that I have an incredible jealousy!kink. I feel you should exploit this weakness in order to manipulate me in the future. A lot. I have pairing reccomendations, if that will help.

Closer By Degrees: Familiarity by lunasky. (PG-13) You've got your Ronon. You've got your Elizabeth asking Ronon to dinner to get to know him better or honk John off or, well, something. You've got your John, all chock full of UST and mmm mmm jealousy. You've got your power dynamic issues, and a side of string beans. You've also got your "Duet" spoilers, so be warned.

The All Alone In The Puddle-Jumper Kink Fic. Okay, I admit, jumper sex isn't one of my kinks, specifically, but I'm sure it's a kink for at least five of you. Let us not quibble over details when there is porn to be had, yes?

Bad Ideas by rosewildeirish. (Rated Adult for Adult-ness.) Additional kink points allotted for: 1) The First-Time Sex Kink, 2) The Elizabeth Weir Being All Predatory Kink, 3) The Rose Wilde-Irish Sparky Porn Kink.

The I-Have-Just-Developed-Like-Four-Whole-New-Kinks Kink Fic. Or: "From blushing and mortification to 'holy crap, that might have just been the hottest thing ever' in a prologue and six parts." It is possibly the mark of a good kink that I'm both embarrassed to have read it and feel the rest of you are HORRIBLY DEPRIVED for not yet having done so.

The Multi-Part Body-Snatching Fic by miera_c. (NC-17, and how.) Friendship, UST, RST. (Kink counter: Body-Snatching Kink, Kinky-Mind-Sex Kink, Masturbation Kink, Hand-Job Kink, ShepPants Kink (for mspooh), The Do-You-Like-To-Watch? Kink, and the Little Red Falls Down From Unexpected Sparky Squeee Kink.) "Duet" spoilers.

First, a teaser. "How The Other Half Lives." Addresses that fundamental question of "is it sex or masturbation if someone else is trapped inside your body at the time?" I know I've always wondered.

Aaaand, the fic, which has been titled "What I See" and reposted since I rec'd it. *edits*

"If the situation were reversed, I would never suggest it, and you know it. Actually, if the situation were reversed, I bet you'd still be the one suggesting it."

part one | part two

Bonus Fic Rec:

Some Soldiers Do (Need Training) by qwirky. (PG-13.) Ronon/Teyla. Absolute brilliance for this pairing and both these characters. In which Teyla does not take that shit lying down. This fic is its OWN KINK.

Kinks Not Seen This Week, or: Situations That Must Be Rectified By Strong Hinting. The Trapped-In-An-Enclosed-Space Kink (aka "The Disaster Kink" if trapped due to a crisis), Water Kink, Hand-Holding Kink (for anr, of course), Aliens-Made-Us-Do-It Kink, [add your own here. and in comments.].

ETA: The Supremacy Of The State Kink Fic. nostalgia_lj writes a Sam/Jack soviet!AU drabble. Okay, now I'm pushing it. But seriously, it suddenly feels like I studied Slavic Studies for the deep and important reason of understanding fanfic. (Hey, it's no worse than my previous reasoning of "well, the girls in the department all dress really well and have promised to share their Russian sense of style, and From Russia With Love is my favorite Bond movie...")

ETA 2: Water Kink Fic. This might be Little Red's all-time favorite kink, for those of you who somehow missed this.

Bath Time by elvinborn. (PG-13.) In which John is literally the sweetest guy ever, and there is no porn, but none of us actually mind.
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