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Little Red Never Learns, Things That Are Gleee, Vid Recs and Subliminal Messaging

I think I need to stop stockpiling open tabs of livejournal things I plan to respond to later, because invariably the browser will crash or a pop-up will override or my iTunes will start shrieking the same note over and over and require computer rebooting...

Anyway, not ignoring you on purpose. If you were anxiously waiting for me to do something that I didn't do, let me know.

Things That Are Gleee:

1) I got to hang out with sekilara and froggoddess last night! YAY YAY YAY. Kappa Girls Are... forever. There's just nothing as awesome as that. *LOVES* saidshe, is everything okay? We missed you!

2) stellar_dust sent me BOOKS in the mail! Geeky books! STAR TREK BOOKS! *fanatical gleee*

3) There were gleeeful comments on Veracity, my Sheppard/Weir PTSD fic. I feel like my brain is still partly lodged in that universe. I suppose that's the nature of working with longer fanfics, maybe... but yeah. A sequel or anything like it would totally ruin the fic, I think, so I'll just play around in my own head with them being pathetically cute and clingy to offset all the ANGST.


If you like Sparky...

Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way by ohshocking (vid clips through "instinct")

I have been gleeefully squeeeing about this vid and have had it on loop since I downloaded it. It's possible a good chunk of that is my apparent love of "The Calling" (I love them forever and a half because their song was in the pre-series Enterprise promo that made me hyper ALL SUMMER LONG. Good times.), but the clip selection is freaking adorable, and It MELTS MEEEE. After long commentspam with anr, I'm a bit swoony over the idea that Shep is all In Love Liek Whoa with Lizzie and she just hasn't quite realized it yet. (Can I tack that on to my Kink Week requests from last week? John unrequitedly in love with Lizzie. Yeah, I thought I was sick of that stuff after other UST shows... but... nope, never. Kink me, baby.)

Speaking of Enterprise and anr...

No Need To Argue by anr

Zomg. I had no idea that vids could look this pretty. I know nothing about vids, of course, but from where I'm sitting, there is MAGIC afoot in the editing here. Things fade! And appear in other things! I can forgive her for making Trip and T'Pol all angstydoomed for the sheer prettiness. Yes. Wow.

And we're back to Little Red's Nonsexual Fandom Kink Week...

Suddenly I See by lilwitchy

OH MY GOD. It is Sparky, and the CUTEST THING EVER. I think my all-time favorite part of the Sheppard/Weir relationship is how she makes him a better man, and this vid hits that like nothing else. SQUEEE. If I keep raising awareness of such totally awesome fannish kinks, people are going to write me fic... right? Right?

And in the overachiever division...

phrenitis, who joins anr this week in our list of Fandom Triathletes (fanfic, icons/fanart, vids), attempts to MAKE ME CHOOSE between two new vids, both fantastic. Strange And Beautiful is Sheppard/Weir and falls under the category Things That Make Me Go Ooooooh. It violates my John Must Fall FIRST! kink, but makes up for it with a beautiful whimsicalness that made me watch it a few times in a row just to really get it -- it's like the story gets deeper every time. It's making me rethink my kink, dammit! Pump It is an SG1/SGA crossover, chock full of spoilers from this season, and SO MUCH FUN, OMG. Jen's sense of timing is awesome, and perfect for a fast-paced actiony vid like this. Watch watch watch.

... And now I'll go finish my zeropointsnark recap. OMG. *throws you vids in the meantime to entertain you*

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