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Sci-Fi Friday, in brief!

No! Actually in brief this time!

Firefly: Whatever The Heck It Was Called. I love Adam Baldwin! I have warmed up to the captain! Zoe, Wash, Jayne and the Shepherd still earn my undying LOVE. As far as characters I am more undecided on: River was a Total Adorable Sweetie in this and I loved her, Simon was annoying and I wanted him to shut up, Inara was just kinda there and her "omg, the captain is such a noble dahling!" thing felt quite forced with the swelling soundtrack of romantic twittering, and I waffled with Kaylee between wanting her to shut up, thinking she was hilarious and being worried that she was going to eat someone.

SG-1: Babylon. Most. boring. episode. ever. My sister declared this and I'm afraid I must agree. It's fun to watch Cameron fall down the first time, but then... oy. Did anything actually happen in this episode? Anything AT ALL???? Definitely a few wonderful moments of gleee and a veritable united nations summit of sci-fi TV series alums, but we kept checking the clock. Gira and I spent the time divvying up TV boyfriends between us and discussing whether or not Dr. Lam's petulant attitude is more annoying now or when we thought she was Landry's ex.

Atlantis: Conversion. EEEEEEEEEEEEE BEST EPISODE EVER OMGWTF. I AM SO HAPPY ONLY CAPS LOCK CAN EXPRESS IT EEEEEEEEEEE. I really wish wish wish it was my week to recap at zeropointsnark just so that I could watch it over and over again with an excuse! I'll have to report back later with more thoughts, I think, because, OMG. SOLITAIRE. SKINNER BEING AWESOME. SPARKY. AJ AND ME WINNING AT FANDOM. SHEPPARD RONON ALPHA PISSING CONTESTS OMG. SKINNER AND LIZZIE PLAY CHESS! SPARKY SPARKY SPARKY! LITTLE RED SQUEEEE TIMES ONE BILLION. ONE BILLION!!!

BSG: The One With Xena. They used the old-skool BSG theme song for the documentary thinggy! All in all, this just proves again that reporters on TV shows are SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING, even if they're sekritly robots. Everyone has a first name now, too! Gaeta totally tries to be The Fonz on camera with the smoking and all, but fails because HIS NAME IS FELIX. In other news, I have no idea if Boomer miscarried or not, because I missed whatever throwaway line of dialogue must have cleared that up. Help? That would suck so much. "After building up this baby thing for a season and a half, we thought we'd just end that plotline off-camera and let you know about it later. NEVER MIND, it's not the future of the universe after all!"

*still flailing* OMG. I want to write too many fic things all at once, but am having weird attack of brain this week and thinking I just can't handle my own fic ideas (err?) and therefore will just eye the hopeful explosion of fic to hit the internet. Or snap out of it. Mmmm mmmm good. :) *stalks the internet to proviiiiiide!*

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