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I love that people actually voted in my codependent poll of television viewing! I am now reporting back:

Ahhh, VHS tapes of random joy and yet horribly sucky quality!

Things I Learned:

1) You can totally identify the period a TV show aired based on the size of the cell phones.

2) In DVD-wayback news, I realized that (*sob!*) my beloved season 8 x-files set arrived mixed up with two of one DVD and none of another (yes, I'm a moron for only noticing that *now*). This is only sort of bad, I suppose, because I can probably do without seeing "Salvage" or "Badlaa" ever again ever, but "Medusa" had some serious hotness and made me fear the Boston public transportation system for a really long time. As far as episodes I had, I watched "Within" but didn't actually make it through "Without." Scully started stubbornly insisting that THERE ARE ALIENZ EVERYWHERE and I had to stop for a while and whimper. I'm not sure these things get easier with the passage of time.

3) But "The Pine Bluff Variant" was on one of the VHS tapes selected by the audience, and EEEE OMG SQUEEEEE. I really like episodes where Mulder and Scully flip out about not being able to trust each other.

4) Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman is the ultimate, ultimate feel-good show. I didn't realize I had any of these eps on tape, but I had the one where they go to Smallville and discover Kryptonite, and it's the first season so Lois is horribly rude but somehow still sweet and Clark is totally fresh off the farm and I love it so! I think I must buy season 1 for medicinal purposes. :)

5) Watching Babylon 5 episodes out of order is very confusing. I feel like I need a big flowchart to tell me what wars happened in what order, although I think I figured it out by the end of "Moments of Transition."

6) Speaking of "Moments of Transition," my friends list is right. Zack/Lyta is RIDICULOUSLY cute with the cuteness. I have irrational love for Lyta (a redheaded telepath with superpowerz who is abused by everyone, guys. She's a Mary Sue that I didn't even have to invent myself!), and that really balances out my sort of "I want to like you, but sometimes you REALLY annoy me!" feelings about Zack. Perfect! Aww. Talia is not dead and she and Garibaldi will get together, DAMMIT.

7) Oh, fine. I really do like Voyager. I admit it. B'Elanna flailing around in "MY BOYFRIEND IS IN PERIL!" determination in "Demon" made me squeee and scene-loop and, to go way into the wayback machine, "The Cloud" still makes me laugh a lot. Ahhh, first season. "These people are natural born explorers, Neelix." "These people are natural-born idiots if you ask me! This ship is the [best ship ever, basically], and what do they do with it? 'Er, well, let's see if we can't find some space anomaly today that might rip it apart!" Love. LOVE. I really want early-season B'Elanna fic now, please. I just want to hug her a lot in the first two seasons when she acts all nervous amid the outbursts of rage and wears far too much lipstick and tries so very hard to be good.

8) I saw DS9's "The Reckoning," and though that might be my least favorite of the Emissary-arc episodes, it really makes me want to have a "Get Your Faith On" DS9 marathon. I can't decide if that would be just for the The Sisko Is The Emissary episodes ("Emissary" "Accession" "Rapture" "Face In The Sand" maybe "Far Beyond the Stars"... etc) or if I should also include all the Bajoran-politicking ones about vedeks and kais and whatnot.

9) It's disturbing how many of those commercial jingles never got un-stuck from my head, even after all these years.

10) Out of the wayback machine now -- even after all that old-skool goodness, Atlantis still rocks my world.

I really do need to throw out all these VHS tapes soon (as they are currently living in my parents' linen closet and they want the space back despite the HISTORICAL TREASURES that will be sacrificed!) so I must enjoy them good first!

However, for all of this, I think my sweater is turning out kind of badly -- combining hand and machine knitting is giving me total gauge nightmares. I'm gritting my teeth to avoid throwing in the towel on this whole sweaters-for-fun-and-profit idea because, errr, I'm still being stupid and depressive and believe that I will never succeed at anything in life and shouldn't even try (and, therefore, can't trust my own opinion in these matters). But TV is distracting and joyful, yay!

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