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liminalliz!!! (vid recs!)

OMG. Emergency vid rec.

Wraith Wraith Bug!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed llama llama duck with Stargate: Atlantis? No? OMGWATCH. Serious spoilers up through "Conversion."

While I'm here, I've also been dying laughing over a men-of-Atlantis vid That Don't Impress Me Much, and ohshocking's Daniel/Vala vid I Want You To Want Me has converted me to the Daniel/Vala love.

Up for "Single Vid Concept Most Terrifying To Little Red This Week" we have a McShep vid to the Enterprise theme song. Er. I haven't had the courage to download this yet, but now I suppose I will have to since I've just mentioned it. And there appears to be a consensus that that song is "Rodney's song." Well, at least it's somebody's. Edit: OMG, the mental disconnect! It's messing with my brain! And now I'm trying to figure out whether Atlantis or Enterprise is more heroic, and I really want to say Enterprise, but I'm not sure why.

Note: It's wrong that I just posted a vid rec post without any Sheppard/Weir vids. I'm just saying. Nature abhors a fandom vacuum, people. :)

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