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My very geeky fandom prayers have been ANSWERED, and SOMEONE MADE A RODNEY VID TO THE MOLSON CANADIAN RANT. I'm a bit sad that they cut off the tail end of it, but only those who recited the rant ad nauseum when it was about to replace the national anthem on the air all those years ago will notice and/or care. :)

5 good things about today:

1. I wrote Sparky! And didn't hate it! *joys and clings to muse*

2. And OMGSQUEEEE other people liked my post-Conversion fic! And this led to fun discussion and stuff! I... um... get way too much of my daily joy from talk of fictional people.

3. I'm still listening to the Beatles. My obsession has totally relapsed. :) I really want to spend like a billion dollars on iTunes right now.

4. And people still like zeropointsnark. *feels cool* Perhaps I just get way too much of my daily joy from the internet in general. :)

5. Lovely breeze on my walk, and my dog was being cute.

3 things I did well:

1. Made dinner for family in spite of screaming tiredness.

2. Went outside on walk.

3. Posted fic and responded to some comments.

3 things I'm going to do (better) tomorrow:

1. Get out of bed before 5 pm, omg.

2. Take my chinese herbs. (Possibly requiring actually eating 3 meals.)

3. Pay. My. Goddamned. Bills. And. Organize. My. Budget., preferrably without beating the crap out of myself for having a hard time with this thing that used to be easy for me. *brain flails*

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