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Sci Fi Friday Will Serve As Gleee!

In which I ramble. For those of you who are bored and/or want to answer my occasional Very Important Fandom Question. :)

Stargate: Ever get the feeling that you know there has to be a gaping plothole somewhere in the episode, but you just don't care enough to find it? I really kind of ignored the larger plots of what was going on and just happily watched for the prettiness of Cameron Mitchell. YAYYYY. (And is it weird how much I really genuinely LOVE the new additions to the cast? I mean, I'm not even trying like I did with Doggett and Reyes on The X-Files. I just adore the heck out of them. Is that the response of the rest of fandom? Or is it just me?)

Was my 'ship radar supposed to go off when Mitchell busted that guy for talking about how Dr. Lam is a fine piece of chief medical ass? Because he was totally flirting with her earlier this season, but her name not being Dr. Landry leads me to conclude that there's a good chance she's married. (Except ALL MY CONCLUSIONS ABOUT HER ARE WRONG, as we have learned, and there's zero way that Stargate would make any of its recurring characters unavailable for UST like that.) Of course, he could have just been having an "ONLY YOU CAN STOP SEXUAL HARRASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE!" moment, but I'm just saying, some Mitchell/Lam fics would not go awry. I actually find her really irritating, so don't ask me why I'm asking for more of her in my life. Oh, right! So I can have MORE CAMERON IN MY LIFE. Yay!

They totally gave Cameron Jack's lines about how Sam is s-m-r-t, though. And PAPA GENERAL HAMMOND! We hardly saw you! And you're wearing a suit which means you are retired and WHY DOES NO ONE TELL ME THINGS LIKE THIS ON-SCREEN!?!?? Where the fuck is Jack? WHERE THE FUCK IS SORA!?!?? (You know, given that Landry is a literal Papa General, I'm thinking we should just declare that the official title of SGC military commander, eh? ... You know it took me the whole rest of this post to remember that Jack was Papa General last season? Season 8 was hella memorable, y'all.)

For all the flak I give the soundtrack department for being so not subtle, I actually love them for it. I shrieked as soon as the Orlin theme came on. That kid (who I immediately IMDB-checked and who makes me now admit to having seen The Butterfly Effect it was a free preview, omg, and they gave me a pen that lights up) did the Orlin creepy-sweetness really, really well and must have studied that other actor's mannerisms a lot. I am both relieved and disturbed to know that Sam considered that whole nightmare a "relationship." Mostly disturbed, because that whole episode was not only The One About How Sam's Life Is SAD, but The One Which Could So Easily Have Gone Bad, Bad, Bad Mind-Rape Places. I mean, Orlin totally pressured her into the mind-meld thing, but Sam is weird and enjoyed having a live-in boyfriend too much to complain, so I suppose I can get over that now. Oh my God, they did creepy alien sex.

I also noticed as they quarrantined the United States how unusual it is for SGC events to impact the general population. Once or twice in season 6 and that building they vaporized a few weeks ago, but really, very rare. I wonder whether that was intentional for any part of the series... like, to make it more suspend-disbelievable that this is actually happening?

I'm annoyed that non-tailor-Garak got in league with the Ori. I mean, the Jaffa politicking was boring as hell (and I like alien politicking), but putting all our villains in one basket annoys me. It does make a lot of sense that the Jaffa would readily accept the Ori because their lives and societies have been built around worshipping higher beings and they're Just Not Ready For Democracy, but... meh. The phrase "Hallowed are the Ori!" is starting to bug me so much that I think I want to start saying it at random moments in my real life.

... k, that's all. :)

BSG: Er... I LOVE BOOMER. I LOVE TYROL/BOOMER. I LOVE HELO/BOOMER. I cannot choose! But omg, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they're letting Tyrol have some real fallout. *heart broken*

Where was Six?

I still think Gaeta is a Cylon. However... my conviction is wavering, because if he was a Cylon, Boomer would know now that she has seen him. She might keep him alive for her own purposes, yeah, but at this point her mission in life seems to be to get on Adama's less bad side. I MISS GALACTICA SHARON. *hisses at Cally some more*

BILLY/DEE. Did you guys all see what they tried to do there? They tried to break up our ONE RAY OF HOPE on this entire TV show. OMFG. On the upside, this development makes me less opposed to Lee and Kara having sex, because then Lee is less likely to break up my OTP of HOPE.

Er. The prez is dying, liek, immediately. Fortunately, on BSG, "a few weeks" could easily take until the middle of next season. HOWEVER. Eep. But she's using Adama's quarters, and that made me squeee. In a world with considerably less relentless angst and death, they would've been great together.

And naming the 'ship "Laura"? I wibbled myself half to death. Even as I wanted to slap all the people who mocked Tyrol and now want to sign their names on the ship. Seriously, WHY was everyone so against it?

AND THE PREVIEWS. OMFG THAT WAS RO LAREN. OMFG SHE IS COMMANDER KANE. OMFG PEGASUS. OMFG OLD-SKOOL GALACTICA! How much do you want Sheba to show up and be a guy? SO MUCH. Though really, guy!Sheba would kind of be new-skool!Apollo, so never mind. She can still be a girl. But she should exist.

Previews for Atlantis: Gira and I shrieked and clung to each other's hands every time they came on. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The "alternate reality" doesn't actually look at all like an evil mirror universe, ALAS, but omfg, I don't care. I am a junkie and want my 'lantis. And even the mention of an alternate reality makes me conjure up evil, sex-crazed versions of the main characters, so that makes it even better. YAYYYYY.


1. I still really want to write mirror!universe Atlantis.

2. I want to watch old-skool SG-1.

3. ... and BSG.

4. ... and TNG.

5. I need a Cameron Mitchell icon.

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