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Things I Learned Updating My Website

1) There's a reason why people automate their sites.
2) I have a deep-rooted mental block against the proper spelling of Siege.
3) "rein" versus "reign" is also a tricky concept.
4) If I ever wait nine months plus to update my website again, I'm going to have to slap myself in the face.

My website has FINALLY been updated after at least nine months, omg, with 8 SG-1 stories, 2 Babylon 5 stories, one each of X-Files, new-skool Battlestar Galactica, and original fiction, and 28 Atlantis stories. Most of these were posted to this journal at one time or another, I think, but I suck fantastically at cross-posting and some of these are edited comment-fics and challenge-fics and other things... so there's probably still new things. :)

Edit: And I totally forgot to even upload the new Enterprise stories... but they're there now! Three Four of them. Yay.

website, omg!

I'm planning to notify the Sheppard/Weir yahoo lists and community about my website update, because I should have cross-posted all this fic and, er, didn't. If anyone thinks that's a Bad Bad Idea due to internet taboos I'm not familiar with, please let me know.

Stargate SG-1 main index page

A Less Velvet Glove - PG-13 - Daniel/Janet - spoilers: "Avalon part I." - He was definitely sleeping on the couch for the rest of his life.

Right Ingredients - PG-13 - Jack/Kerry - spoilers: pre-"Threads" - She calls him 'honey.'

A Typical Morning - PG - Sam/Jack - Most important meal of the day.

Vital Statistics - PG - Daniel/Janet friendship - Daniel has lost count.

Eve - PG -Replicarter/Fifth - spoilers: "New Order" "Gemini" - This makes all the difference.

Falling - PG - mini!OTP - She dreams she's back there almost every night.

Blankets and Spies and Little White Lies - PG - pants!verse Sam/Jack - The usual pants!verse cuddling and silly angst.

All's Well... - PG - Sam/Jack - AU season 8 - Being stuck minding the store is hard for everyone.

Stargate: Atlantis main index page

The Great Escape - PG-13 - Sheppard/Weir - "It's a jailbreak, Elizabeth."

Chord Progression - PG - John/Elizabeth friendship - post-ep for "Conversion" - "... then you can start to make it better."

Veracity - R - Sheppard/Weir, hurt/comfort, angst - When something traumatic happens to John Sheppard off-world, he is no longer the only one affected.

Twenty Questions - PG-13 - fireman!verse Sheppard/Weir - They are the same people, they're just in the wrong place.

Object Permanence - G - Sheppard/Weir friendship/UST, Ford/Teyla, baby!fic - At a certain stage of development, children learn that things still exist even when they are out of sight.

Strategic Planning - G - baby!fic, Sheppard/Weir friendship/UST, Ford/Teyla - It always helps to have backup.

Drunk Tank Pink - PG-13 - Sheppard/Weir - As with every pairing, it eventually comes down to drunken sex.

Ground Zero - PG-13 - Sheppard/Weir - The third time they detonated a nuclear bomb over Atlantis, it occurred to John Sheppard that perhaps they shouldn't be quite so casual about this.

Finishing School - PG - Sheppard/Weir UST - set between "Siege III" and "Intruder" - In any other situation, seeing Elizabeth Weir in jeopardy, John Sheppard would spring into action in the usual way and rescue her.

Blessing Way - PG-13 - pre-series, Elizabeth Weir - "In the traditional ceremony of the Blessing Way, after renouncing the trappings of childhood, the girl is immersed in water. When she emerges, the community embraces her as a woman..."

Night Nurse - PG - Sheppard/Weir, hurt-comfort fluff - Sheppard, McKay, and six alien thugs walk into a bar...

Lullaby #101 - PG - Sheppard/Weir - post-ep fpr "Siege III" - Sleep you little soldier boy, with your ear against the wall; you have held that rifle all of your life, now it's time to let it fall.

A Proportional Response - R - drabble, Sheppard/Teyla - He sleeps with Teyla because he feels guilty.

... and so it begins - PG - WIP - missing scenes, Sheppard/Weir friendship - spoilers for "The Eye," "The Defiant One" - A series of Sheppard/Weir scenes related to mid-first-season episodes.

Discontinuity - PG-13 - CROSSOVER with Babylon 5 - John Sheridan/Elizabeth Weir, Sheridan/Delenn, Sheppard/Weir - They are both strangers in a strange land.

A Little Diversion - PG - Sheppard/Weir - There's always one that'll rein you in.

Same Thing We Do Every Night... - PG-13 - Sheppard/Weir - Every man has a weakness.

Happy Hour - PG-13 - humor, fun!fic, Sheppard/Weir UST, McKay/Weir UST, Ford/Teyla - Why he'd chosen to get wasted with McKay was, of course, the real mystery.

Intermission - PG - Sheppard/Weir UST - Stealing a moment.

Six Degrees - PG-13 - Sheppard/Weir, Sheppard/other - They begin seeing each other in the spring.

Lady and the Tramp - PG-13 - Sheppard/Weir established relationship - spoilers for "The Eye" - Growing up is hard to do.

Knowledge - R - Sheppard/Weir - The one where alien moonshine makes them do telepathic sex.

Water Soluble - PG - McKay/Weir - spoilers for "The Eye" - Rodney kisses her for the first time in the rain.

Industry Standard - PG - Sheppard/Weir UST, Ford/Teyla - He does not gaze at Doctor Weir.

Patience - PG - McKay/Weir - spoilers for "The Eye" - And then, she remembers.

Connection - PG - Sheppard/Weir fluff - He holds her tigheter when he's sleeping.

Best Seats in the House - PG-13 - Sheppard/Weir fluff - A night at the movies.

Getting It Together - PG-13 - Sheppard/Weir - "John Sheppard had spent his entire adult life looking for a woman who would tackle him at three in the afternoon and didn't want any diamond jewelry out of the equation."

The X-Files main index page

Same Old Thing - G - Doggett/Reyes friendship/UST - Little morning rituals.

Babylon 5 main index page

Discontinuity - PG-13 - CROSSOVER with Atlantis - John Sheridan/Elizabeth Weir, Sheridan/Delenn, Sheppard/Weir - They are both strangers in a strange land.

untitled Talia/Garibaldi fic - PG - WIP - missing scenes, Talia/Garibaldi friendship/UST - related to "A Voice in the Wilderness," "The Quality of Mercy" - A series of Talia/Garibaldi scenes from the season one/season two bridge.

Battlestar Galactica main index page

The Ragged Edge - R - Roslin/Adama - This is who she is now.

Original Stories main index page

25 x 25 - "There is no pattern." - 25 stories of 25 words each, some fandom, some not.

Star Trek: Enterprise main index page

Equilibrium - PG - Trip/T'Pol - post-ep for "Bound" - It has been too long since T'Pol was last alone.

Recess - PG - Hoshi/Travis friendship/UST, Trip/T'Pol - spoilers for "Observer Effect," "Countdown," "Dead Stop." - They just do it because they like you.

Language Barrier - PG-13 - mirror universe, Hoshi/Travis, Hoshi/Forrest, Hoshi/Archer - set before "In A Mirror, Darkly" - She'd say it more often if it was called for, but it very rarely is.

Moments Between - PG - Trip/T'Pol, T'Pol's mom - post-ep for "Home" - After the ceremony, Trip stays the night on Vulcan.

OMG, YAY. *gleeefully scratches that off to-do list*

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