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calling all survivalists! (or, you know, just Outdoorsy Types)

I require fic assistance, omg! It is for my swficathon assignment, which I started long ago and am now trying to sort out. Alas, besyd has been Rita'd, and lacks the DSL capability to answer all my Very Important Survival Questions.

I rather enjoy that, in my life, I need survival knowledge not for my actual survival, but for the lives of fictional characters.

So, here's the situation: Our Heroes (them being Sheppard and Weir for this ficathon) are trapped on a thus-far uninhabited planet with only the clothes on their backs. There is lots of rain and mud and flooding on this particular planet, so they are soaked through, exhausted and very cold.

I'm told by google that it's possible to make fire even in heavy downpours where everything's soaking wet, but I'm not sure how this works. Mostly -- my characters are wet and cold (and somewhat injured and in shock anyway) and I don't want them to die, omg! The vast repository of questionable knowledge that is has informed me that it's very important for characters in this situation to get naked with each other, but without sleeping bags and stuff, I wonder if the cold ground would kill them more. Help! What sort of shelter would they be looking for in a forested region where there's a chance of flooding? (I have discretionary author powerz and can create caves and even create an abandoned alien cabin/lean-to/something if need be, but the story's not set up for that particular cliche right now. Although... *ponders*) What steps would they take to prevent hypothermia and death in near-freezing soaking weather?

It's very possible I'm overthinking this stuff and that No One Really Cares and I should just gloss over it, but sometimes I read fics that horribly botch things that I know about, and that bugs me. And I'd rather not bug the Sheppard/Weir girl scouts out there. Or accidentally kill off my OTP.

If anyone Knows About These Things and wants to leave me comments here, direct me websites that will save me, or chat with me about this sometime in the near future on yahoo or AIM, it would be very helpful in the general fic-writing cause.

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