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besyd update again!

Tammy is still alive-and-well, though exhausted from working in her local shelter. (I can only assume, given the context, that this is a refugee shelter, but I neglected to ask for clarification.)

She still has power out, and asked me to tell splash_the_cat that a tree ALMOST fell on her head house, but instead took out a power line which resulted in "fizzing and sparking and the fire department!"

And cheekygal, she says that it was about 90 today and might get hotter, but yes, it's good that the heat is the least of her problems.

I read her everyone's comments from the last post, and am once again updating you on her not-dead-ness! She hopes power will be restored by day after tomorrow at the latest, at which point she can hug the internet with joy. :)

And she claims her ears started to ring the moment I started typing about her and her survival ski11z on the internet. She lacks DSL, but is TELEPATHICALLY CONNECTED, so watch out. :-P

(Does anyone else read the TWoP recaps of Battlestar Galactica? I am totally duallaing right now.)

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