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general FYI post

In my userinfo, I reserved the right to disappear periodically. I'm kind of half-disappeared. I skimmed through a lot of my f-list just now out of omgguilt and went through some of my old open tabs last night -- why was everyone freaking out about some defriending scandal or other that I never actually found? -- but haven't yet gotten to my emails (I know there are some Very Important Ones, so sorry about that).

If I said I would beta something for you, I still will -- send away. If you want me for something specific, ask, and I'll reply if I'm up to it. swficathon and zeropointsnark things will be posted and/or done soon.

I'm just a little out of touch. Don't take it personally, please. I'll be around when I'm around, and will keep on top of things if I can.

(I always feel silly making these posts, because I never know if I'll get a huge rush of energy and brainsanity in the next five minutes and then be as present as I ever was. So consider this an apology for being less available recently, and a possible warning that I'll continue to be so in the near future.)

HOWEVER, because there is ALWAYS gleee, I have to joyously announce that I just got MAIL! And nenya_kanadka sent me a drawing of me as THE REDHEADED GODDESS OF LANGUAGE AND KINK. This is the best thing ever. I want that on business cards.

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