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So I was all flailing around in my gleee-less-ness today in great woe and distress, and then I FOUND THE MOST AMAZING CUTEST VID EVER, which is of all the dorky gleeefulness of Atlantis set to Monty Python's Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

I think it just made me love Atlantis more. Which is, you know, impressive. EEEE! If you are in need of cute gleee, watch! Or don't watch, and just appreciate that I have a theme vid now.

It is by les342! Monty Python! Atlantis! vid post is here!

And mwahahahaha, now that I have finally found my gleee for the day, I can go to bed! I can do this meme, for which I was tagged by aj:

1) Get tagged
2) Get happy
3a) Post said happiness
b) if no happiness can be found, simply write "I am not on the Maury Show." If you are on the Maury Show, simply insert "Sally Jesse Raphael"/"Ricki Lake"/"Jerry Springer"/"Judge Judy" in place of Maury, as is applicable.
4) Tag 5 others to indulge in similar joyousness

My gleee is THAT VID, OMG, but I must also say that I am always happy that I am not on the Maury Show.

And I tag spockette, victorycabbage, phrenitis, mspooh, and polkadotsnplaid. (And by "tag" I mean "mention your name on my LJ such that you feel mentioned, but you don't actually have to do the meme. Unless you're Jen or Pooh, in which case I just tagged you to annoy you, and you TOTALLY have to do it.")

OhthankGod. *clings to gleee*


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