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the end of an era

It's amazing how different it is this year.

I've been thinking about the difference between this and 2003, and how I still screamed and jumped and wore my rally cap, I don't now feel like I need to have rage and silent mourning for the entire off-season. It's just different to lose when it's just a loss, just an elimination, and doesn't have the weight of history and Babe Ruth attached.

It doesn't mean quite what it used to, not yet, but I still find myself saying: There's always next year.

(As for the rest of October, the White Sox impressed the hell out of me as much as I really wish they hadn't, and I now hope they go all the way.)

(I'm not yet ready to flail coherently over the off-season, either. I couldn't believe the announcers on ESPN were, like, trading away Kevin Millar and Johnny Damon in the SEVENTH INNING. Stop that! *clings girlishly to favorite players*)


For those of you who are all "I always kind of tune out when she starts talking about that sport that might be baseball, but I'm just not sure," I'll add in that fanfic100 has been amusing the hell out of me all day. I just watch the taken page fill up, and somehow it's endlessly entertaining!! I flipped out in embarrassing ways in other people's journals last night over the fact that Sparky was already taken when I arrived, oh noes, (but by joyfulfeather who is on my flist and who will LOVE THEM as much as I, yay), and then flailed even more about how I could still have signed up for John Sheppard but was all panicky because I just can't slash him and fandom would run me out of town on a rail!, or something, and how I am all AFRAID to post to communities and having to post 100 fics might break me. (Yes, more than actually writing them.) But it was taken while I flailed about baseball, so I no longer have to worry! SORRY TO EVERYONE. I hope I didn't sound as bonkers as I felt, and if I did, forgive me! Soon my grey matter will melt and I won't do that anymore!

I do wish it were possible to audit communities like that, though. You know? Do all the work, but not post to the community and not get anything official, but get to use the html code and challenges without people coming after you for copyright infringement? Would it be in bad taste to leave a note and ask that? Because I really would love to work on the challenges, and I want to give credit where it's due and pimp this totally fun community at people, but I feel like I might end up seriously stepping on toes in this crazy mixed-up fandom universe. Mostly, I just want the html table! I will apparently write fic for orderly code.

I also thought long and hard about claiming Talia Winters from Babylon 5, because she is ridiculously awesome and I have thought so for years and can 'ship her with just about anyone, but I can't seem to ever write her to my own satisfaction. Which would be a problem. ;) And rosewildeirish tried to talk me into signing up to torture people at some other community, but that might involve getting my f-list spammed with endless amounts of anime plus I cannot embarrass my characters without blushing and running into the other room, so we shall have to see. For now, I just wish I could manage to finish this one weird John!fic that is taunting me.

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