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The Unaired Episodes, Second Season

Ah, fever-dreams, how I have MISSED YOU!! And I'm not even joking, which is the saddest part. Am also not actually feverish. I was told that this medication will give one Very Intense And Disturbing Dreams, but so far, I am quite enjoying the experience of having The Unaired Episodes of Stargate: Atlantis in my head again.

Last night's Unaired Episode was a flashback episode, see, in which Shep was tortured an awful lot. (Perhaps this is what the pharmaceutical company meant by "intense and disturbing"? Am I a horrible person for finding this awesome instead?) See, he was kidnapped by aliens and tortured, and their torture was to flash him back to the time (either real or exaggerated by the alien-torture, probably the latter) when he was captured in Afghanistan and tortured. Err. I say the flashback-torture was probably exaggerated by the aliens, because otherwise Shep totally has permanent brain damage. They asked him to write secrets down, and he sassed them instead even with brain-damage, and it was great. And then Lizzie and the others rescued him! Yay. And there was OMG YOU ARE NOT DEAD cuddling and worried petting of his hair.

Then came the part where I confused Torri Higginson with Tori R., the darling stage actress who directed plays of ours in high school and who I just adored, which was... I suppose an easy enough mistake to make while asleep and dreaming about Atlantis. Then came the part where I was almost eaten by a lobster and was some sort of extended family member of the people on Seventh Heaven. That part was a little disturbing.

Isn't reading about other people's dreams totally boring? Just trust me. You are JEALOUS OF ME because I have whole uncut episodes with plot and dialogue and occasionally bizarre character development airing in my head!


In more important news, I am GETTING ON A PLANE EEK shortly, and will fly across the country to OREGON to visit w0lfstar for a week! I will likely have some amount of internet access while there. This is all very exciting, because until now the West Coast has been a rather theoretical proposition to me, and I will actually SEE IT. *clings helplessly to solid ground.* Don't make me leeeeave youuuuuu!

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