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um... i have no soul.

So after a month of anxious denial in which I either could not (no tape) or did not (no energy) watch this episode, convinced I didn't have the energy to emotionally handle it...

... I watched "Heroes II."

... and did not cry.

This is only spectacular because I cry at episodes of Judging Amy on a semi-regular basis. Anytime *anyone* wells up on-screen (especially happy tears, but sad ones too), I well up reflexively on my couch and start searching for kleenex.

I watched with keenween who is AFTER ME to get on with finishing the season already so he can properly geek out with someone about it. To that end, and because he knows I'm attached to Janet and is a nice person, he promised not to in any way mock me for tears (despite his continued gleee at having made me cry more than once when we went to the opening night of "Star Trek: Nemesis"). However, we did pause the tape numerous times to debate military policy or for me to squeal about how much I heart Robert Picardo, so that might have had something to do with the conspicuous lack of Little Red hysteria.

I think I might have enjoyed it more ('enjoy' is the wrong word. 'appreciated' is better) if I didn't already know really everything that was going to happen (unavoidable in D/J circles, and for "Second Chances"), and if I hadn't spent the past month mentally buffering myself against being affected by it. And also, I'm still having a hard time really focusing on things, so I don't know that this really counts as me having properly watched it.

I think it was well done. I "so sad!"-ed a lot and "aww!"-ed a lot, too. (Sam & Teal'c moments are just... so... awesome. I love their friendship. And Sam and Jack... well, I think the sweetness goes without saying. And Daniel! God, get that boy a hug *right now*. And a time machine. And Papa General Hammond... I love you. That's all. You just RULE.) And keenween reminded me of why it was 'that time in the series to off someone' and he's right, and I still hate that. So yeah, still awful annoyed. I hated the last bit of Voyager not (just) for messing with my 'ships but for *needlessly* killing Carey just a few episodes shy of the end. The gratuitous killing of characters because it's something the show needs to do, to be 'good' or 'gutsy TV' or to make a point, has always made me mad.

And yeah, Jack being injured makes the first scene of my WIP story "Second Chances" impossible, but hey, the rest of the season is probably going to make my story way AU anyway so might as well start early.

I don't think I will end up having escaped this tear-free (although it will never be as bad for me since I've only known these characters for a few real-time months as it would be had I been watching for years). If I watch it alone, and when I'm not actively trying to *not* be emotional about other stuff going on in my real life, I'll probably bawl. Something to look forward to, I guess.

-- Little Red, in mourning

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