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Actually, you can spell "Indiana" without "ass"

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We have made it to Indiana! Exactly one third of the state postcards available at a roadside truck stop have pictures of animal behinds and clever sayings regarding how there are animal behinds in Indiana, and this is really funny. Also, there are road signs I have never seen before that say "animal present when flashing, next 1/2 mile." How does it know? Is this for escaped cows? Inquiring minds want to know.

Actually, I just googled that. It's a sophisticated wild animal detection system, yay. I have also discovered that there are MULTIPLE WEBSITES dedicated to archiving images of and commentary regarding all the various highway road signs in Indiana. I... wish I had an appropriate comment for that.

spockette is as GODDESS for having illegally shared Star Trek audiobooks with me. YAY! My mother sends much flailing gleee your way as well.

Ohio has the prettiest sunsets in the world, omg.
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