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at least we're in no danger of cholera

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Hello from Lincoln, Nebraska! And let me tell you -- if you're not in Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend, you are the only one who isn't. I am currently sitting in the LAST hotel room in the entire greater Lincoln area, and arrived here after quite a bit of misdirection (we made a reservation at a totally different hotel than the one we actually drove to because THE PHONE NUMBER IN THE AD WAS WRONG, apparently due to evil machinations by the owner of numerous hotels in the area) and getting lost and such. Now, apparently Lincoln, Nebraska is not *always* such a hot spot to spend a Friday night, but this weekend is the last college football home game, the national volleyball tournament, and conventions for both Harley Davidsons and, er, scrapbooking, among other things.

Things of note:

Iowa is warring heavily with Ohio for my favoritest state so far, because it really might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It's the sort of landscape that just kind of stabs through me and makes me feel like I've been there before, even though I've never been anywhere like it. OH MY GOD, THE SKY. THE SKY. DUDE. It also helps that we had the most beautiful weather of all time. 64 degrees in November, people.

Gary, Indiana, on the other hand, is just as ugly as everyone says it is.

There is a 12-foot-tall blow up balloon statue thing in the lobby of this hotel that says "Lil' Red" on it. I can only assume this is the Husker mascot and is not actually about me.

I was all excited about crossing the Mississippi River, except way up here between Illinois and Iowa, it is apparently... not so very impressive, because we crossed over it and didn't actually notice. We totally could've forded it.

I am perturbed that the drapes in our totally-non-sketchy Holiday-Inn hotel room are designed not to close. This gives us a lovely view of "Amen's Liquor" across the road. Unfortunately, it also gives Amen's Liquor a lovely view of us. As my dad used to say to my mom on such occasions, and I quote, "If they haven't seen it yet, it's time they did."

My mother has started spelling out "O-M-G!" at absolutely everything. I am regretting telling her what it means. (She looks out at the liquor store and says "OMG! MGD! Wait, what does MGD stand for?")

Now I am getting loopy, and we drove for 13 hours today, so I am going to bed.

Fish: still alive

States so far: 8 (Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska)
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