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Oh, shut up, Justin

Sheryl and I have, er, bought mice.

But wait! They were really really cute! And running on a wheel together! And weren't, er, a conure that was very expensive that Sachi also wanted to buy!

And... we might have named them Shep and Lizzie.

(They are both girls, actually, to reduce the possibility of this becoming a bad!fic where Lizzie has 18 children. We decided that symbolically emasculating Shep was actually probably less weird than symbolically making them mice.)

Shep is white, and enjoys exploring in the clear plastic ball we might have named the puddle-jumper, running on the outside of the wheel, and stepping on Lizzie's head.

Lizzie mostly enjoys squeaking at him.

They live in a brightly colored monstrosity that we can add on to later with things like balconies and XTREME wheels (which is a mouse wheel with the lights off and a DJ, for you Kappa-inclined types, and a spherical mouse wheel for the rest of you people).

Photos later!
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