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Oh, my God, early Star Trek: Voyager is SO DIRTY!!

It's all keenween's fault. We just spent the evening watching our way through the first DVD of the Voyager first season lent to me by the lovely Janeway-obsessed Bina (who would *not* be amused by keenween's rather terrifying crazy-Janeway impersonation employed whenever she got all wild-eyed and poorly lit in "Parallax")... and really... just SO WRONG! I'm not even talking about Janeway "serving under" Chakotay because, well, that was probably put in there on purpose... but all that about entering and wedging open cracks and punching their way through and slipping in and out of holes? That had no double meaning when I was twelve!

My technobabble innocence is gone! NOTHING IS SACRED!

Also, I finally saw the Stargate season finale, so my flatmate no longer has to descend steadily into madness for having no one to geek out/squeee with. Squeeeing occurred.

1. Along with the squeeeing, a bit of girly shrieking, because I was really afraid that they were going to kill The Man (known to people who are not me as Bra'tac).

2. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't been spoiled on the S/J scenes because I'd worked them up so much in my head that seeing them for real was almost a let-down... *almost*, because, DUDE, how could I POSSIBLY not love that!? All kinds of heart-fluttery goodness. Awkward!Sam is my favourite all the way from... whenever it was that Jack first asked her to go fishing.

3. I liked Kinsey a lot more when he was weilding a less blunt instrument of evil, but keenween pointed out that now he has power and this has always been right under the surface of his character, so, I get it.

4. I am a little Deep Space Nine/later-season-B5 snob and a half about space-battles and have never been impressed by those on Stargate, but the Antarctica scene was well done and hot. I love it when stuff blows up.

5. Less impressed by the flaming goldfish of righteous destruction, though.

6. I like Dr. Weir, but hated that she was a short-haired blonde because I kept getting her confused with Carter in crowd scenes (I remind you at this juncture that I am presently dumb as toast). Also, she reminded me of someone, and keenween suggested it was possibly Ellen DeGeneres. But I'm not sure that's it. (ooooh -- another candidate for The Generic Blonde Lookalike Contest!)

7. Papa General Hammond rules, as per usual.

8. I wanted Jacob in this episode, also as per usual.

9. I still covet Jack's sexy wood-themed open-plan house (but no, for those who thought otherwise, I do not have plans to make slow sweet love to the house).

10. I'm totally not freaked out by the cliffhanger. Jack in stasis indefinitely strikes me as a far less scary cliffhanger than Jack not in stasis about to die in a day and a half with no way to save him. I *am* freaked out by the possibility that they will go all X-Files on me and leave him there for longer than a one or two-part season premiere for dramatic tension... and that just would not do:

Dear Stargate, important people thereof:

Please do not make Sam weepy and desperate for very long. While I admit that it will be most fun, as always, to see her that way for brief moments at the beginning of next season, and in fact encourage this, I trust your judgement in not allowing this to proceed for too long. I have enclosed VHS tapes of Season 8 of The X-Files for your reference.

Also: If you intend to bring Anubis back, please bring him back in a form that does not resemble a walking hooded bathrobe infected by the Black Oil of Evil. I have spent the past season snickering every time he is on-screen, which I feel is detrimental to his image as the Big Bad that should cause me to fear for my beloved characters.

Ever true, Little Red.

-- Little Red, who may never look at technobabble the same way again

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