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Okay, being awake still at 5:30 am while taking sleeping pills? Is not fair.

(I also object to the odd connection between a fatigue disorder, wtf and insomnia on the whole, but, well, you know.)

Clearly, there is only one thing for it! Bitching about it on the internet!

Instead of the usual Dramatic Desperate Flailing that accompanies Latenight Insomnia With Little Red, I will give a reader's digest update of recent events:

1) I have been totally ignoring you! I'm sorry. I actually have no excuse, as we have internet up, I just got behind during the dramatic days of moving and ever since have been having strange nightmares of my flist avalanching down on top of me if I make any sudden moves towards it like a giant stack of Jenga blocks or something. If I had to make up some excuses, though, I could say things like "I haven't watched Atlantis yet and am deathly afraid of spoilers!" or "I don't have a desk yet!" both of which are true. I might not get caught up, but I will clock back in eventually. Until then, please let me know if you'd like me to pay attention to you and/or read any specific posts. :)

2) We are moved in to Fort Awesome! We have furniture and a Christmas tree and it is really, really nice.

3) mouse!Lizzie is pregnant. w0lfstar fears that mouse!John is pregnant as well, which makes our house THE WORST BADFIC EVER (contains multiple-births and mpreg and characters being turned into cute fuzzy animals!).

4) At this point, I am kind of skipping Christmas. Which is very very weird for me, because it is THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER! and such and I still believe in Santa Claus and am one of those people who listens to the Frank Sinatra Christmas Album in the middle of July. However, I left my Frank Sinatra Christmas Album at home by accident. I also left MY FAMILY at home, and am trying not to be a baby about having to spend my first-ever Christmas without said family, for plane flights around the holidays are a million dollars. Also, I just completed a major move and am feeling sick and have no gifts for anyone (yet) and am in a strange city so it's harder for me to find gifts and it's too late to mail them, etc, etc. Again, like the Jenga blocks, I'm afraid that if I touch Christmas at all, I'll become horribly distraught about how I haven't made a million little wrapped things for people yet and am not home singing In The Bleak Midwinter around the grand piano, etc. Sheryl's family is AWESOME and invited me to spend Christmas with them, but I feel really strange about it in a way I can't explain (because they really don't seem to mind, so it really is all in my head). Also, I'm just really tired. I pushed myself hard all month and the CFIDS is flaring up in response, etc, blah, so I'm feeling a bit like I'd like to hide in my brand-new closet for the next few months until things settle down. However, I received present gleee in the mail from sakuracorr, which is now sitting all wrapped and pretty under our Christmas tree, and I ordered the Muppet Christmas Carol from Amazon, so perhaps I will just postpone Christmas cheer until I can handle it instead of cancelling it all together.

5) In typical [insert-city-here]-House-Of-Couch fashion, my DVDs are brainwashing my roommates. Sheryl is inhaling Babylon 5. She has watched the first season and the first disc of season 2, and likes it muchly, and insists that Sinclair and Ivanova are her OTP of the series. I have no idea what to do with that. I have even less idea what to do with the fact that, once or twice, she actually seems to be right about that possible pairing, and the fact that I sort of want to explore this in angsty fanfic. However, my Sinclair/Sakai 4eva love keeps me from straying too far. I am also gnawing my fingers off in vain attempts not to spoil her. Unfortunately, she knows me too well, and can intuit how long a character stays on the series by how much I squeee when they show up.

6:15 am! I will now put off wishing for death by cleaning my room.
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