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*seasonal gleee!*

The internet was undecided on what I should do, so I asked my parents. Turns out they think I am Freaking Bonkers for having concocted a really big story about how they think I'm irresponsible and childish for wanting to go home for Christmas and that I don't deserve it and they think LESS OF MEEEE, etc. After enduring some mockery on the subject of being Freaking Bonkers, and some actually very logical discussion of how I will keep this from derailing my general forward progress in life and use it as a recharging vacation instead, I am now going home for, er, Boxing Day! YAYYYYYY!!

I fly there on Christmas Day and fly back on New Year's Day. I will miss Christmas Eve service in my home church, but I've looked up some local churches here or will ask w0lfstar's mother if she plans to go to a candlelight service and if I can come along. (It's weird -- I don't feel like Christmas Eve service is at all about being Christian for me, because I'm not, really, it's just very much about tradition. I love the music, and the story, and the kids being dressed up and so very excited, and Christmas Eve is my favouritest day of the year.)

Now, here's the real question -- is it wrong to choose a church solely because it's on Weir Road, thus enabling w0lfstar and I to call it "the Weir church" whenever we refer to it?

I have New Year's Resolutions churning around in my head, too. That's always a fun thought. And I plan to do some sort of After Christmas Special meme at some point to selfishly excuse the fact that I never read anyone's wish list and extend the holiday gleee so that I can play along. Mwahahaha.

Season's Greetings! Happy Hanuchriswanzadan!

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