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'lantis mice!

Finally, we have pikshurz!

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, our intrepid explorer team found a city called ATLANTIS!:

And there was much rejoicing. Lizzie is the white one, Shep is the brown one.

Puddle jumpers!! Shep instructs Lizzie how to fly by knocking into her periodically while she squeaks at him to behave himself.

In the Pegasus Galaxy, they discover OTHER MICE!! Much like them, except battle-scarred from hard lives under the yoke of the wraith. Teyla, for example, had her ears bitten off in one particularly horrible skirmish. Unfamiliar with cameras, she is not sure which direction to face. That, and she's upset that Sheryl and I keep calling her "the beaver."

A short time later, they come across Ronon, who is the fastest mouse evarr and is highly skilled at running and jumping from high places. Shep periodically attempts to assert his dominance over Ronon, who completely ignores him. We find this fitting. Ronon is the most curious of the expedition team and is always the first to volunteer for off-world exploration and to try new food.

Lizzie explores the strange landscape of a new planet...

... and communes with the natives.

While John pretends not to be interested in the breasts of the natives. This was not quite captured on film.

Shep protects Lizzie from a strange alien flash...

... but she ends up pregnant anyways. Oh noes!! She is moved to the maternity ward:

In other news, there is Christmas at Fort Awesome. Note that the mice each get their own stocking (though you can't see the names on them in this picture). The Evil Russian Goldfish, Hermiod, Hoshi and Snakey also will get wee toys on Christmas. Note also the random Godzilla on TV.

That's all!
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