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It's 11 o'clock, do you know where your LJ friends are?

... admittedly, I'm not on omgallthetime! like I used to be, so probably no one was sitting there wondering "has Little Red been abducted by aliens again?" But I thought I'd just quickly post to say that I am at the Little Red Family Residence (having a fantastic time of spectacular laziness) and am not online for my computer spontaneously broke itself in transit and had to be admitted to the computer hospital.

In as-close-as-I-got-to-fandom news, I have been having spectacular dreams of coolness, many of them delightfully tv-y. I had a good old-skool Mulder/Scully X-File in my brain last night, which was gleee, for they did not get killed by the crazy killer lady and then hugged a lot at the end, as they should. I also continue to flail about Talia and Garibaldi from Babylon 5, which has led me to find and start reading my old, old Babylon 5 fanfic. For some reason, ever since the series ended, I've had a horrible time trying to write B5 fic -- probably because the stories got brought to resolution on TV, possibly because leyenn was moderately successful in brainwashing me about the Talia/Ivanova stuff and now I am OTP-ly confused. (See, in all my old fics, I totally realized that the Talia/Ivanova interaction was Supah Important, I just never considered that they were any more than Best Friends.) And the Stargate universes ate my brain. That too.

In Flashing Back To Childhood news, I am rereading all the Ramona books that I still own. It's possible they're even more awesome now. I am somewhat disturbed to realize that the reason I don't like soft-boiled eggs and other "slimy food" is because Ramona Quimby didn't like them. Hrm. My ability to be brainwashed by fandom started young.

In Being A Grown-up Is Awesome news, I now own baby's first pantsuit. I AM LIKE SCULLY!!!

Er, that is all the news I have. OMG, I r have become boring!

-- Little Red, who still wishes she had a Q in her name to draw ears and whiskers on.
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