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Happy New Year!

My New Experience for the day was having my flight cancelled! Rather than arrive in Portland at 3 AM, I got a flight for tomorrow. Extra day at home, yay! And we got to laugh a lot about spending our New Year's Day driving to an airport and back again.

I had already read all of the Ramona Quimby books I own, so I amused myself by re-reading The Great Brain at the Academy. I realized that I actually do still love reading the way I did when I was a kid... I just... love reading kids' books and not so much the grown-up books. Oh well! I suppose I'm now at the age when I can legitimately pretend to have a five-year-old and so can take such books out from the library, as terrifying as that is.

There are exciting memes and things to do but, err, the family is going to watch the (newer) Thomas Crown Affair, and I can never resist the impulse to critique acrobatic sex scenes on unforgiving surfaces with my parents. :) *loves the Little Red family*

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