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still faster than driving...

A grand total of 41 hours after my flight was *supposed* to leave the East Coast, I FINALLY made it back to Oregon! A flight cancelled without explanation, massive amounts of weather delays through Chicago and randomly rerouted trains (and a lying train operator!) were to blame. The flights themselves were really quite awful, too, because the weather tossed everyone all over the place the whole time and both flights sat on the ground completely full of cranky people for a few hours before taking off, but all things considered, I actually had a decent time of it. Random people even made fun of me for being cheerful, like my not throwing a hissy fit is somehow damaging their day, but whatever. When I'm on celexa + dramamine, nothing can bother me. Ahhh, drugs.

And then I got home to find out that my beloved TEYLA MOUSE had DIED! I was too tired to really take it in last night, but now I am sad. w0lfstar made a post about it, for those of you following the adventures of the 'lantis mice. :(

Now I am on East Coast time and w0lfstar is on West Coast time like, Polynesian time, and still sleeping in the living room due to Great Family Drama Regarding Shipping Matresses Across The Country, so I suppose I will do quiet things from my to-do list and read more flist. Yay!

And now that I am only a few days away from Real Live Lantis Eps in the US, now I am feeling the desire to inhale all the ones that I missed. Go figure. *curses stupid mismatched airing dates!*
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