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Meme Day, yay!

nenya_kanadka asked me to do this one, and it led to some interesting and revealing family conversations.

"Parents, what are my quirks?"
Dad: "Your toes are always curled up."
Me: "What? Really?"

So, Six Quirks Of Mine:

1. In the Disgusting Personal Habit category, I like licking my plate, especially after something like ice cream or maple syrup has been on it. I learned it from my mom. I have also learned not to do this in public, so instead, I scrape my plate as clean as possible with my fork. (I used to also like only having one thing on my plate at a time, so I would finish the salad before there was rice, etc, but I have trained that out of myself.)

2. Any time I see a water fountain, I have to take a drink. My high-school friends called this a "camel complex."

3. Much like a parakeet, I am totally hypnotized by mirrors. If I can see a mirror, even out of the corner of my eye, I find it really difficult to hold normal conversations. Since it doesn't really matter if I can see myself in the mirror or not, I think this is less about vanity and more about total fascination at seeing the world in reverse.

4. I still have imaginary friends -- mostly the same ones I had when I was younger, actually. When I'm driving alone long distances, still occasionally hold pretend phone conversations with pretend people. Yes, I am being medicated.

5. I'm selectively superstitious. I still do the kiss-my-hand-and-touch-the-ceiling thing when I drive through a yellow light. Also, while learning to drive, I figured out a way to pick up my feet when crossing railroad tracks without taking them off the pedals (so that I would not die by being tied to a track and run over by a train, you see). I have finally stopped doing that Ryder Truck thing, but only because it requires two hands.

6. It takes great concentration for me to sit with both feet on the floor. I prefer to sit crosslegged (or otherwise contorted) on chairs. Even in short skirts, I find ways to tuck at least one foot up. Also, apparently, my toes are always curled up.

While typing this, mouse!Lizzie has been crawling around on my hands. She is too light to press the keys on the keyboard unless she really tried, but can activate the trackpad. Then she curled up in my collar and went to sleep. AWWW.

Edit: Oh, crap. I'm supposed to tag six people, aren't I? Well, er... meg_tdj never passes up a good meme, neither does roothekittycat, and, er... liminalliz, rosewildeirish (if she's feeling up to it), mspooh and OF COURSE qwirky, who does not actually have to do it, but has to be mentioned for a meme that stole her name and misspelled it.
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