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I feel like I overdosed on advair... but I didn't. *puzzled*

I suppose I ought to be grateful I'm awake at all. Perhaps I should have clarified "functional consciousness" when I was making cosmic requests for the universe to tone down the mono.

It's not quite 6 a.m. and I'm still awake (or... 'awake again', depending on how you look at it when I am without a sleep schedule)... I feel like I should be writing a paper or something.

Maybe I'll go watch TV for distraction until this weird sort-of-energy high crashes and I pass out. They used to have Lois & Clark on at 6 a.m. (*note: this used to be when I got up) I've been known to get hysterically contemplative when exhausted, and I'd really rather... not.

-- Little Red, who, as the weeks pass, is beginning to feel absolutely inhuman in her own skin, and disturbingly used to that

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