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news from Fort Awesome

As I type, w0lfstar is staging an intervention against the partnership of transgendered mouse slash that is mouse!Shep and mouse!Ronon. We are putting them in separate cages in order to starve them of mousey attention and make them give up the gay and turn to Jesus miss Lizzie and Teyla LOVE US.

We are putting a grocery store Jesus candle near the cages, though, just in case that'll help. If this isn't responsible pet ownership, I don't know what is.

In other responsible pet ownership news, I am acquiring RATS tomorrow! It's an adoption off of craigslist. Two boys, just a few months old, one with long hair and one with long curly hair, two varieties of rat that I didn't even know existed. Name suggestions welcome. The current front-runner is "Miles & Julian" (in the future, we may acquire girl rats from a cool breeder near us, and they will be named Keiko and Choose-Your-Own-Dax).

No, we're not considering becoming rodent breeders in the future. Not at all. Er. Oh, shut up, you KNOW you want adorable pet rats bred and socialized by Trekkies. They'd sit up on their hind paws whenever you said "Engage."

In job search news, I have answered an ad searching for a "borderline OCD Girl Friday." The only thing that could make it a more obvious job for me is if they said something like "working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Star Trek required." Not only that, but it's a construction company, which yields a high probability of shirtless men wandering in and out of the office. Either way, it beats w0lfstar and mystic_isles000's suggestion that I get a landline for Fort Awesome and become a phone sex operator. "You can work from home! It'll be perfect! You can just put a sign on the door so we know not to bug you while you're working!" IT HURTS ME.
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